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We shall have two race days for the rest of this year, and for the Saturday will be for  IAME Cadet, MiniX, Junior X30, Senior X30, KZ2, KZ UK, 250 National plus Rotax classes if required.  Sunday will be for Honda Cadet, Junior TKM, TKM Extreme, Formula Libre, TKM Clubman.  Striclty one day events, no overnights without prior permission and only for those coming a very long distance, limited access on Friday.  After that usual weekends but continuing with the split race days, note usual third Sunday weekend of the month plus 28/29 November added.  However since the club is losing money without the practice days we have taken the difficult decision to increase entry fees by £10 from October.  But please remember with this new system, which many have asked us to continue, drivers are getting quite a lot of extra track time with two, maybe three long practice sessions plus the three heats and a final.  And many say they are saving on overnights and not having to buy so many sets of tyres.

And thanks to our weather forecasters see below for the forecasts.  Or go here for our new Weather page

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Photographer at the SuperPrix will be Stu Stretton who along with his associate Josh East is now appointed offiical Shenington photographers.

ENTRY LIST HERE: where we welcome Super 4 ABkC National Championship, KZ on Saturday and 250 on Sunday, as well as a race for 210's

TEAMS: All teams attending Shenington must complete this form, preferably via Google docs off our Facebook, or if not download the form here  Please right click the link and do a Save As for the Word document.  And for those without Word there is a pdf document which could be completed by hand and photographed or scanned, download the pdf Team form here.

 Drivers Briefing download here for October Race weekend The final briefing will be sent out with the digital signing on a couiple of days before the event, and the opportunity to nominate up to two extra persons to attend

Saturday Programme and Saturday 17 Oct Grids  and Entry List  October 

Sunday Programme and Sunday 18 Oct Grids and Entry List  October 

On Hold -ENTRIES REMEMBER THE NEW REGULATIONS FOR CADET TYRES, CLUB MEMBERS CAN BARCODE IN 2 SETS TO USE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, AFTER JANUARY NO NEW TYRES ALLOWED FOR GUESTS, MUST BE AT LEAST 40 LAPS OLD AND BELOW THE DEPTH SHOWN IN THE REGULATIONS but from July barcoding will temporarily stop so the two sets for the year will be suspended but no new tyres even for club members, except for July as per SRs  


Please note we shall be using bar code readers for logging in the tyres at the meeting so please bring your race tyres to scrutineering building during Sunday morning scrutineering to be logged in.  it is no longer necessary to put down your tyre barcode numbers on the scrutineering card unless requested.   Note that in 2020 Cadets that are members of the club will only be permitted to have two sets of slicks for the year, otherwise they will not be able to score points in the championship.  They can introduce any tyres from the second set at any time in the year but only one set may be used at any one meeting and only one set from August for new members.  Guests will be 'invisible' in the points so if the best club member is e.g. fourth, he or she will get points as for a win.  Guests in Cadet will have to use pre-used slicks, no new tyres allowed except for the January meeting when everyone will be on new tyres and possibly the SuperPrix.  A maximum tread depth will be set for this.  We expect these decisions will drastically reduce costs for parents and guardians.   It is no longer be necessary to put bar code numbers on the scrutineering card unless requested but if you do not get your tyres scanned before racing you will be liable for a non-compliance - Temporarily suspended pre-event barcoding at the scrutineering (as drivers have to enter their slick bar codes on their digital scrutineering) except for random checks and all Cadets including club members must use tyres that are pre-used, no new tyres,  See our regulations page.

Tyres for the practice sessions are free, this is only for the races.

For links to the video for the 2019 July and 2018 August meetings please visit the appropriate results pages on this website

Results during the meeting can be found here: 

Live timing during the meeting can be found here: