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Club Rules

GATE ENTRY RULES:  Anyone arriving after 9.30am on race day will be charged £5 per car circuit entrance fee, including the programme.  Club members or officials who are not racing or working are NOT entitled to free entry unless they hold a Social Membership.



  • Do not run engines in the pits. There is a designated place to start engines as per Motorsport UK regulations and with permission of the scrutineers or officials.  Disobey and you may be fined £50.
  • Do not park in a reserved pit space (unless it is yours!).  Ownership of allocated pit spaces is clearly identified at the entrance to each pit area (A/B/C) and if you park in any of these allocated spaces you will be asked to move.  If you refuse to move your team will not be allowed to practice or race.
  • Cars, unless being worked from, are not permitted to park in pit spaces.  Use the car parks.
  • Do please remember that drivers are allowed to use the kart club’s facilities only at the Landowner’s discretion.  Any driver or team member found to be causing nuisance to others may not be allowed on SKRC property.  Please observe the MSSA Race ‘n’ Respect guidelines which are in force at all times.
  • Do not drive through Alkerton / Shenington village unless you are eating/drinking/staying there.
  • Keep off the ambulance station above the chicane & the grass banks except where official footpaths allow. 
  • Keep off the track and fences at all times.  (Only authorised personnel are allowed onto the track and drivers are only allowed onto the track during their race or to walk the track first thing).
  • Stay out of the fields and gliding club area adjoining or near the circuit. Only use official footpaths.
  • Keep off farm machinery, equipment and away from the dealer’s buildings.  Unfortunately we are required to exclude any team breaking this rule.
  • Do not park or pit in the area in from of the toilets adjacent to the farm machinery dealer.
  • Do not drive stakes into the hard standing in the pits/paddock.
  • You are advised that Shenington KRC is not responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused by karting and associated equipment no owned by SKRC.  It is the competitors’ and teams’ responsibility to ensure that all such equipment is properly maintained and secured.
  • Kart trolleys must not be left on the dummy grid during your practice/race.  Trolleys left on the grid may be confiscated for the rest of the meeting.
  • There is a track exit leading to a Pits Repair Area in front of Scrutineering, if you enter the Collecting Area during a race or practice you cannot then re-enter the track.  You will be black-flagged.
  • Unless racing, children are not permitted on the dummy grid or in parc-fermé, only driver & mechanic
  • Children must be supervised at all times and are not permitted on the grid except when racing.
  • The riding of bikes, scooters and gopeds etc, either in the pits or on the track is forbidden during racing or practice, and never on the patio in front of the Club Room.  The driving of any vehicle without proper RTA authorisation and insurance is prohibited.
  • Keep the toilets clean and tidy.  Please report any problems to the signing-on staff immediately.
  • Drinking water is available on both sides of the clubhouse, and chemical toilet disposal by the roadway opposite, marked on the track map.
  • Place litter in the bins provided.  Do not dispose of unwanted fuel cans in the litter bins.
  • Unwanted tyres must be taken away and absolutely not left at the circuit, a £15 per tyre fine is then due.
  • Access to the circuit without permission is prohibited, you may not be allowed on the circuit after practice or racing until the following morning.  The perimeter grass banks are ALWAYS out of bounds.
  • Dogs, whether supervised or unsupervised, are not permitted within the track boundaries at any time.  Dogs are permitted in the paddock but must be kept on leads or in vehicles at all times.
  • Stepladders or structures for viewing adjacent to the track perimeter are forbidden.
  • Do ensure you have a fire extinguisher per competitor as per Karting UK Yearbook App 4 regulations
  • Commercial photography is not permitted unless with SKRC’s written permission, see our Photography Guidelines below.

Please help us to help you to have a good day’s racing!
This can be downloaded as a pdf here



It is a condition of admission to Shenington Kart Race Circuit that photography, cine-film, video, sound, or any other video or audio use, including making copies of the recording or reproduction, causing it to be seen or heard in public, broadcasting, diffusing, selling, renting, exchanging, lending, using for gain or even at no cost or otherwise dealing with it in whole or in part is strictly forbidden unless written permission is given by an official of the club.  (For such permission in advance write to the Secretary of the Club, this will only be granted for bona fide photographers holding appropriate public liability insurance, and for the purpose of photographing a particular individual or team by a recognised media outlet supported by a written accreditation letter from the editor.  The club has agreements with regular photographers for commercial sales and this will be publicised in results pages or by social media). 

The use of privately owned camcorders or video recording devices, or stills cameras for private viewing purposes only is permitted by the circuit owners without prior permission.  Such photography or video may only be taken from outside the perimeter fence of the track.  Caution should be taken when photographing or video’ing minors and reference made to Child Safeguarding guidelines.  It is not necessary to pre-register for photography.  It should be noted that when countersigning as parents/guardians/guarantors of minors they agree that they have no objection to still or moving images being taken of the driver / volunteer official undertaking their sporting activities. Small numbers of personal photographs may however be shared on social media so long as there is no intent of commercial purpose.

It is permitted to use an on board camera during practice days with the permission of a scrutineer to assess the security and fitment of the device.  Such permission will not be given for race days, unless such is included in the championship regulations (e.g. Super One Series cameras for judicial purposes) or otherwise exceptionally permission is given in writing by the Chief Scrutineer and Clerk of the Course.  Helmet cams are never permitted under any circumstances.


Furthermore Shenington Kart Racing Club Ltd reserves the right to confiscate and retain possession of any photographs or films or videos made in breach of this condition and without express consent in writing.

If in doubt about our regulations please ask an official for clarification!