homeslide1Sorry, we are not having spectators during the pandemic;marqueespacer Kids taster sessions are on hold on our Lets Go Karting scheme marqueespacer Pit spaces can be booked for £20 per weekend marqueespacer We are near Banbury, Oxon OX15 6NW marqueespacer Race with our friendly helpful club


[June 2020 –  Shenington 2020 Restart Plans]

This is an important message about the restart procedures for Shenington KRC, please read carefully.  First of all the log in to the Alpha online entry system is changing for many drivers, so before anything else set this up please on the new login screen.

If you have used an email and password to log in previously, e.g. for the British Kart Championships, then that will continue to work and you won’t need to change.  Or you may have already changed for another club.

If you used your MSA/Motorsport UK Licence Number to log in then you will now need to reset to use your email and a new password.  You must use the email that you have registered with our club otherwise we won’t recognise your membership or previous history.  Ignore the password and continue to submit the form, it will then send you a reset password link for you to set up a new password for Alpha.  Going forward you will now have a lot more convenience, see later*.

Re-starting racing at Shenington:

Shenington will restart racing on 18 & 19 July each as a one day meeting with extended practice in the morning then the usual three heats and a final.  The 15 & 16 August meeting will follow the same pattern.

Saturday classes will be: IAME Cadet, MiniX, Junior X30, Senior X30, KZ2, KZ UK, 250 National

Sunday classes will be: Honda Cadet, Junior TKM, TKM Extreme, Formula Libre, TKM Clubman (including the TKM Clubman interclub challenge for July meeting.)

After changing your password you can apply to enter July and August.  But first please review your personal profile on the system and choose Shenington as your club ID.  All previous entries made for April, May and June that have asked to roll over will be entered for the appropriate July day, please inform Sonja Game if you no longer wish to enter.  All entries made for July Superprix will stand unless withdrawn and fee adjustment will be made where necessary.

Depending on the number of entries per class the club reserves the right to prioritise club members before issuing final instructions.  Please review the championship regulations where some changes have been made and carefully read the event SRs (Supplementary Regulations).  Both are available on the website here: .  You will have to tell us who is accompanying the driver, e.g. a parent and a mechanic (check with your team if necessary who is allocated to you).  No more allowed than driver plus two.  No spectators.  You will be checked at the gate from the attendance list.  Gates will then be closed from 0930.  You must pay in advance whilst entering the meeting, no payments can be taken on the race day.  Transponder hire will be available.

When you receive final instructions there will be a unique link for you to digitally sign on if we have accepted your entry.  You will also have to read the Drivers Briefing and verify.  And digitally put in your scrutineering equipment details and verify compliance with the regulations.

We are also planning to have test days at the end of June to follow the same classes as the race days.  We’ll let you know when we open up entries for these test days.

*Benefits of the new Alpha login

•            You can now buy memberships online without having to enter a licence number

•            There is now an option for you to mark their licence number as "do not know"

•            You can now login to all Alpha clubs using the same email and password

•            You can now have multiple drivers under one login (useful for parents with multiple children racing)

•            You will be able to log all of your karting equipment in a virtual "garage" which you can then enter into events just by tapping their equipment, once digital scrutineering is enabled.

•            You can buy memberships, class entries, practice entries, transponder hire all at the same time instead of having to do one at a time.


Now we have opened up July 18/19 for entries to be followed soon by August 15 /16 we are now able to offer practice days on Saturday and Sunday June 27 /28. These will be strictly one day events, no overnights allowed and no access on Friday, and all ‘entries’ must be via our Alpha booking system and pre-paid. The classes accepted will be:

For Saturday: IAME Cadet, MiniX, Junior X30, Senior X30, KZ2, KZ UK, 250 National, MiniMax, Junior Max, Senior Rotax Max

For Sunday: Honda Cadet, Junior TKM, TKM Extreme, Formula Libre, TKM Clubman

These mimic the classes from the race weekend. The Club reserves the right to prioritise ‘entries’ from those who have entered the July meeting. We are open to request for ARKS tests on this weekend but must be booked in advance and pre-paid via the voucher scheme on .

As with the race weekends you will have to tell us who is accompanying the driver, e.g. a parent and a mechanic (check with your team if necessary who is allocated to you). No more allowed than driver plus two. No spectators. You will be checked at the gate from the attendance list. Gates may then be closed from 1000, practice will start at 0930 until sometime between 4 and 5 p.m. with a lunch break. Take-away catering will be available, orders must be sent by SMS text with more details to follow for those accepted for the day. Of course social distancing must be observed during the test, and all participants must follow the circuit rules regarding COVID-19. All participants must take responsibility for their own and others safety, and should they feel unwell in any way do not attend, and if at the circuit leave as soon as possible leaving a message to the organisers. Sign on details for those accepted will be sent nearer the time with full instructions but please bring a face mask.

Any queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[May 2020 –  Shenington 2020 Restart Plans]

Your Shenington committee hopes all are well and keeping safe as we move gradually towards re-opening. So our plans are to have two one day race meetings on 18 and 19 July, with half the classes on Saturday and the other half on Sunday. We’ll let you know which classes on which day before too long. We don’t want any overnight stays at the moment hence the one day meetings and we are making a lot of preparations for personal safety and social distancing at the circuit. It’s quite possible we might have some limited test days at the end of June and if so will let you all know. When we open we shall only allow the driver plus two, e.g. a parent and a mechanic who will have to be registered by name and possible car registration numbers via the Alpha on line system with payment in advance. No spectators or other family members will be permitted access, sorry. Could you all please review the latest Motorsport UK guidance for competitors when racing which is at

We’ll be asking anyone not wearing a helmet to wear a face covering inside any building (e.g. to collect a transponder) or in the collecting areas, scrutineering or dummy grid. Also to bring your own first aid kit and hand sanitiser please. Everything possible will be done digitally, signing on, pre scrutineering declaration, briefings, payments etc in advance and only telephone contact with race control. Most likely we will not be enforcing the two sets of tyres limit for Cadets at the moment but will enforce only pre-used tyres, no new ones. For 15/16th August depending on the government guidelines whether we can go back to nearer normal but most likely will repeat the July format. In the meantime please keep safe and well.

{May 2020 –  Shenington 2020 SuperPrix cancelled due to coronavirus]

In the hope that everyone is managing through this pandemic and keeping safe your Shenington Kart Racing Club has made the decision to cancel the Shenington SuperPrix and Historic Revival which was due to take place on 17-19 July. We earnestly hope to replace this with a club meeting of some sort, depending on the current government restrictions and the guidance from Motorsport UK. And then we would hope to continue with race meetings on 15/16th August and our usual monthly dates plus 28/29 November. Clearly there will be many challenges putting on practice and racing. Of course we are disappointed that the planned 60th anniversary club celebrations will not now take place in July.   In the meantime may we ask those that have entered the SuperPrix and may still wish to race with us that weekend to leave their entries with us at the moment. Once we decide on the format and fee structure for these restarted meetings we will advise and adjust accordingly. A lot of work is ongoing so that entry, payment, signing on, drivers briefing and scrutineering can all be digital. We’ll be back in touch in two or three weeks or so.

[April 2020 –  Coronavirus update]

Your Shenington Kart Racing Club hopes you are all safe and well, and getting through this unprecedented period.  These are tough times for most but it will end and when racing can resume we will be ready.  As you know we are closed until the end of June, following Motorsport UK advice.  We’ve put a new provisional calendar on the website should we be able to restart in July.  Please note we would intend to hold postponed race weekends on 14-16 August and 28-29 November as well as those already scheduled in your diaries.  We have also moved all entries that remain onto the July SuperPrix race meeting for your convenience.  Motorsport UK have been very active during the lockdown and it is worth visiting their website and perhaps the new Learning Hub.  Keep safe and please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any comments or suggestions.

[October 2019 –  Extra practice day on Saturday 16 November]

There will be an extra practice day on Saturday 16 November for all the usual classes plus Comer Bambino.  Some of the local teams like Jade are offering test drives,  The club will offer ARKS tests and Bambino licence training, so do support this last practice day of the year.  We will restart in 2020 with a practice day on Saturday 18th January and the first round of the Winter 100 and the Club Championship on Sunday 19th January.

[October 2019 –  Paddock Safety]

Everyone should be familiar with the Motorsport UK document Paddock Safety, which can be found here:  Paddock Safety

 [June 2019 –  Shenington invites entries for the Teng Tools SuperPrix and MSA E Plate]

Teng Tools Shenington SuperPrix incorporating the Motorsport UK E Plate 19-21 July 2019

Latest news for SuperPrix weekend:

Historic Kart Demonstrations programme is here to download

Weekend race timetable for the SuperPrix is here

Shenington KRC invites entries for the 2019 Teng Tools Shenington SuperPrix & Motorsport UK E Plate meeting on 19-21 July.  Our principal sponsor Teng Tools* is welcomed back for a third year, offering a prize fund to £4000 of tools on offer and a new raffle toolbox prize.  The winners in all classes (except TKM Clubman & Libre) will be able to use the prestigious Motorsport UK E Plate for the next year or until the 2020 E Plate at all clubs.  The highest placed club member in each class (except 210) will receive the SP Plate to use at Shenington until the 2020 SuperPrix.  The class winners (except 210) are presented with the special SuperPrix perpetual trophies to keep for a year. 

Entertainment and enjoyment of the weekend is always a high priority for the club and this year is no exception.  There will be a bar and pizza available on Friday evening, and a pig roast, salad and bar on Saturday evening with all entered competitors receiving a free pig roast ticket.  Dance and enjoy the Saturday evening with live music from a Queen tribute band. 

For the second year running the Historic demonstrations and the finals on Sunday will be live streamed to the world by Alphalive with the races available on Youtube later thanks to various sponsors.  Classic, Historic and Legend karts will be providing track demonstrations each day and have a large static display in the second marquee.  There will be at least two practice sessions on Saturday morning, then timed qualifying and a heat for most.  Sunday will see the remainder of the heats and then the grand finals in the afternoon.

Entries are accepted from IAME & Honda Cadet, Junior TKM & Extreme, MiniX, Junior & Senior X30, Formula Libre/TKM Clubman, KZ2, 250 National & 210 National (all subject to minimum entry).  Friday 19th practice day is open to anyone in these classes but Saturday and Sunday is only open to those entered.  There will be practice on Saturday morning, then timed qualifying and a heat in the afternoon with the remainder of the heats and finals on Sunday.  Regulations and entry forms are available on the Shenington website, by visiting the Forms/Entries page, or enter online here:

Please note this is also Round 7 of the SKRC Club Championship for points scoring.  And with the Karting UK British Championship on the following weekend there is sure to be lots of interest so getting an entry in early is essential.

*For more information about Teng Tools visit

Twitter/Facebook @TengToolsOnline and tengtools on Instagram

[6 February –  Practice / Test Days and non Motorsport UK class decisions]

This is just to say that the Shenington committee have decided that only the Motorsport UK classes open to entries (even if not racing on Sunday i.e. gearbox are fine) will be able to practice on our Saturday open test days.  It is open to novices, those without licences, MiniMax, Junior Max, Senior Max though.  Just remember motorcycle helmets are not permitted. Non Motorsport UK classes like Easykart / DR Series or ROK classes are welcome on our weekday test days which are 21 February, 18 April, 19 July and 16 August, but not MiniRok at any time.  Bambino are also welcome on these days but not 19 July.  The committee have had to take this decision in the interests of our club members as some of the non MSA classes are proving not to be compatible with our regular MSA classes.

[6 February –  Le Cont Cup 17 March for KZ2]

Le Cont Cup for KZ2 at Shenington 16/17th March 2019

Shenington Kart Racing Club is offering an exciting prospect for all KZ drivers during their March meeting.  Sponsored by Zip kart and Le Cont, the entry fee of £225 includes a set of Le Cont slicks, Saturday practice and Sunday race fee.  There will be top three trophies donated by Zip and fastest lap trophy donated by Jade / BirelART.  The Supplementary Regulations will be available soon on the website and entries can already be made on the Shenington Alpha online system here:

Remember that Shenington runs KZ2 to the Gold Book class, so it is yellow number plates with black numbers and 175kg class weight.  Engines and chassis must be CIK homologated, but CIK exhausts are not required (but they are quieter!).  Drivers can use 102 octane CIK compliant fuel if they wish.  Tyres will be available on the Saturday for mounting on rims.  Saturday practice will start at approximately 0920 and run to 1700 approximately.  This is a great chance to get in some advance practice before the KZ2 round of the Karting UK British Championship on 10 – 12 May.  The club will offer KZ2 racing at all its monthly meetings, subject to a minimum entry level.

[13 January –  125 Gearbox class switches from KZ UK to KZ2]

The club has changed the 125cc gearbox class championship for 2019 from KZ UK to KZ2 with Motorsport UK approval.  They have done this because of the overwhelming support for the new Karting UK British Championship.  Clearly there are lots of registered drivers who would prefer not to change their equipment when racing at the club, especially in the run up to the Shenington round.  So to make it easier, and knowing there is not to be a Super 4 KZ UK round at the club this year,  the committee decided to standardise on KZ2, yellow number plates with black numbers, 175kg class weight and homologated engines, exhausts and gears.  The tyres remain the Le Cont.  Additionally the club will offer a special Le Cont Cup race on 17th March at an entry fee of £225 to include the practice fee on Saturday 16th March and a set of Le Cont slicks for the race.  Entry forms will be available soon.  The race will count towards the Shenington Club Championship, but only for Shenington club members.


[8 December 2018 –  Christmas Newsletter - read now]

The Christmas Newsletter along with all the forms members and drivers will need for 2019 have now been posted out, including the order form for the dinner dance and awards evening on 5th January.   A list of nominees for the special awards is also in the post, if you are on it you should be ordering your tickets!

[14 November 2018 –  Entries open for the 2019 British Kart Championships]

Entries to the 2019 British Kart Championships are now open!

All the British Championships will be organised by a new Motorsport UK division, Karting UK Operations, as the governing body takes a more proactive role in promoting and growing the sport.

Dedicated experts will be appointed to run the British Championships from Motorsport UK House, and Motorsport UK will make a substantial investment in each championship round, benefitting not only the UK’s premier series but also grassroots karting.

To enter, click here.

For further information, visit the new website.

[14 November 2018 –  MSA rebrands at Motorsport UK and Karting UK]

On Monday 12th November the Motor Sports Association rebranded as Motorsport UK, with our discipline rebranded as Karting UK with its own website 

Please read the press release here: 

And their Strategy document here: 

Motorsport UK is also advertising for a Karting Manager, the advert should appear here: 

[27 October 2018 –  Awards Evening & Dinner on 5 Jan 2019]

Shenington Kart Racing will hold their annual awards evening and dinner dance on Saturday 5th January, our longstanding date of the first free Saturday of the month.  Please see attached poster by clicking here. And click here for the the Ticket Booking Form. The event returns to the very popular Stratford Manor Hotel, ticket booking forms are available at the track, and will be posted to all members along with the nominations for the special awards and Drivers of the Year in early December.  We thank everyone for their support in 2018 and look forward to a yet more successful 2019 season - the provisional dates are now on the Forms page.  STOP PRESS - Special guest at the Awards evening will be the new MSA Chief Executive Hugh Chambers.  So you will be able to ask all your questions about the new MSA karting future.   Theme this year is GOLD / SILVER / BRONZE so dress accordingly.


[8 August 2018 –  Shenington will be at Kartmania 2018]

We will have our stand at Kartmania at Silverstone on 24/25 November once again, do come and visit


[11 April 2018 –  Shenington invites entries for the Teng Tools SuperPrix and MSA E Plate]


Shenington KRC invites entries for the 2018 Teng Tools Shenington SuperPrix & MSA E Plate meeting on 13-15 July.  Our principal sponsor Teng Tools returns for a second year, upping the prize fund to £4000 of tools on offer.  The winners in all classes (except MiniX, TKM Clubman & Libre) will be able to use the prestigious MSA E Plate for the next year or until the 2019 E Plate at all clubs.  The highest placed club member in each class (except 210, OK & OKJ) will receive the SP Plate to use at Shenington until the 2019 SuperPrix.  The class winners (except 210, OK & OKJ) are presented with the special SuperPrix perpetual trophies to keep for a year.  And finally the class winners in the direct drive classes (except OK & OKJ) will have the opportunity to win a KartSim software package worth £400, subject to being able to supply a valid ‘steamid64’ account reference and proof of owning rfactor2.  Should that not be possible the software prize may be offered to second place and so on. 

Entertainment and enjoyment of the weekend is always a high priority for the club and this year is no exception.  There will be a bar and pizza available on Friday evening, and a pig roast, salad and bar on Saturday evening with all entered competitors receiving a free pig roast ticket.  Dance and enjoy the Saturday evening with live music from the Hot City Nights band. 

This year the whole of Sunday will be live streamed to the world by Alphalive with the races available on Youtube later thanks to various sponsors.  Classic, Historic and Legend karts will be providing track demonstrations each day and have a large static display in the second marquee. 

Entries are accepted from IAME & Honda Cadet, Junior TKM & Extreme, MiniX, Junior & Senior X30, Formula Libre/TKM Clubman, KZ UK, 250 National & 210 National and from Super One MSA British Kart Championships, the OK & OKJ classes.  Friday 13th practice day is open to anyone in these classes but Saturday and Sunday is only open to those entered.  There will be practice on Saturday morning, then timed qualifying and a heat in the afternoon with the remainder of the heats and finals on Sunday.  Regulations and entry forms are available on the Shenington website, by visiting the Forms/Entries page, or enter online here:

Please note this is also Round 7 of the SKRC Club Championship for points scoring.

[5 December–  Shenington announces Alpha timing and entry system for 2018]

AlphaLogoShenington Kart Racing Club is pleased to inform members, potential members and guest drivers that we will be using Alpha Timing systems for live timing, on line entries and memberships, their new full Competition Secretary package and to continue with the barcode monitoring of tyres in 2018.  In other words the club and its members and guests will benefit from a fully integrated race club management system.  We would like to thank Sports Timing Services for their support for the past few years and members should note that results will remain on the TAG website for a period. 

2018 memberships are now open and race entries will be available shortly.  Note by joining the club the first three meetings of the year race entries on 21 January, 18 February and 18 March are available at a one off discounted fee of £145 (discount fee not available for Libre/ Clubman, enter each meeting at normal special rate).  These meetings count for the annual club championship as well as the Winter 100 Championship with trophies awarded after the March meeting. 

TKM Clubman entrants should note that they now must enter as Formula Libre and the same for membership, although the TKM Clubman points will be separately calculated. 

Cadet drivers please note that club members can only have two sets of slicks for the year, and that guest drivers must not use new tyres for race day except in January and July.  The draft 2018 regulations are available on the website along with the calendar of events and practice days. 

Use this link to access Alpha systems: or click on the Yellow button on the home page or use the links on the Forms page on the website.  Note you may have to set up a new user name and password. For those without an MSA licence number, e.g. new members who have not yet taken their ARKS test and had their licence back, please use your email in lieu of a licence number. 

[5 December –  Christmas Newsletter]

Shenington Kart Racing Club have issued their Christmas Newsletter, to read it click here.  It has been posted to all our members, thank you so much for your support in 2017, hope we see you at our Awards Dinner (see below) and in 2018 - memberships now open, see above.

[22 October 2017 Updated 9 November –  Awards Evening & Dinner on 6 Jan 2018]

Shenington Kart Racing will hold their annual awards evening and dinner dance on Saturday 6th January, our longstanding date of the first free Saturday of the month.  Please see attached poster by clicking here. And click here for the the Ticket Booking Form. The event returns to the very popular Stratford Manor Hotel, ticket booking forms are available at the track, and will be posted to all members along with the nominations for the special awards and Drivers of the Year in early December.  We thank everyone for their support in 2017 and look forward to a yet more successful 2018 season - the provisional dates are now on the Calendar page.

[26 September 2017 –  Congratulations to World Champion Danny Keirle]

Shenington Kart Racing Club congratulates 20 year old Danny Keirle on winning the CIK-FIA OK World Championship at PF International last Sunday.  He dominated the heats with four wins and a second out of 92 entrants to earn pole position for the final in his very first race in the class.  From there he led from start to finish for the gruelling 22 lap final.

Keirle has raced at Shenington throughout his illustrious career, starting as a novice in 2008, then most promising Junior and in 2011 the Driver of the Year.  He was also crowned MSA X30 National Champion this year.

Shenington KRC also congratulates 14 year old OK Junior World Champion Dexter Patterson who led an all British podium in the Juniors.

[27 July 2017 –  Shenington Teng Tools SuperPrix on Youtube]

The Superprix segments are starting to go on YouTube as from tonight, Thursday 27 July, then daily. Already on and getting lots of views is the crash compilation here:

They will all be found on

[9 June 2017 –  Summer Sizzler events at Shenington]

Check out our Summer Sizzler Poster with all the details of the events over the next few months, click here to open or download, do not miss them!

[2 May 2017 –  Teng Tools Shenington SuperPrix & Historic Revival]

Shenington KRC are pleased to offer £3000 of Teng Tool vouchers as prizes for the annual Shenington SuperPrix and Historic Revival to be held on 14-16 July.  On top of that fantastic prize fund each driver will receive a ticket for the traditional pig roast with salad on Saturday evening, accompanied by live music.  The bar will be open on Friday and Saturday evening.  The finals will be televised for and Front Runner and then available on YouTube in superb high definition.  The first showings on will be 14 August for Part 1 and 21 August for Part 2.  Each class winner will be able to use the SP plate at Shenington for the next 12 months (except 210 Challenge who have their O Plate).   The event hosts Super 4 rounds for KZ UK and 250 National, but club members can enter and like all the other classes, the results count for club championship points. 

Friday practice day is open to all, but Saturday will start with scrutineering then practice for most of the day followed by a heat in late afternoon.  Sunday will see the remainder of the heats and the finals.  During each of the three days there will be on track demonstrations by the British Historic Kart Club and the Legends.  They have their own marquee for static display, and there is another marquee for the pig roast and on Sunday the prize giving.  Class winners have a superb perpetual trophy to keep for a year as well as the sought after Gil Rixon Driver of the Day award.  SKRC thank all the class sponsors which helps to pay for the TV.  This is the club’s premier event of the year, where SKRC offer a family friendly weekend with lots of attractions and certainly not to be missed.  Entry forms and draft regulations are available on the website by going to Forms / Entries tab and will soon be available on the online entry system. ( ) 

[12 April 2017 –  Detachable front fairings mandatory in Cadets from May]

Please could all Cadet drivers entering Shenington note that from May 2017 we shall be mandating the use of the detachable front fairing.  This is for both IAME and Honda Cadet.  By now the Super One Series and several other clubs have adopted the new regulations, which have been approved by Motor Sports Council for optional use at clubs, and have encountered very few problems.  We suggest those that have not already converted their front bumper and fairing (if needed) should speak to those who have at the April meeting.  Our scrutineers will be on hand with advice as well.  The same penalties for a displaced front fairing as in the other classes will apply, e.g an automatic 10 second penalty.  Please note that Zip are offering discounts on any parts required for the conversion.

[12 April 2017 –  Reminder Annual General Meeting Tuesday 2nd May]

By now all Shenington club members will have received in the post the call to attend the AGM at the circuit on Tuesday 2nd May starting at 7.30 p.m.  (Please note there was a typo in the invitation, it is 2nd May, not 3rd May).  Also included is the 2016 accounts for members information.  Please do try to attend, we desperately need enough attendance for a legal quorum for this important meeting.

In the mail shot there is also a nomination form for committee.  If you are interested in joining our management committee please feel free to make inquiries of our current committee members and send in the form to the secretary by Tuesday 18th April.  There will be an opportunity to make comments and suggestions about the running of your club during the meeting.  We look forward to seeing you on 2nd May.

[9 February 2017 –  OK/OKJ Winter Series and February Race meeting]

Great deals are now available for Shenington’s OK and OK Junior Winter Series on 17-19 February and 18-19 March. 

From Strawberry Racing the offers for the Vortex engines is that the first ten Juniors to enter that have not taken part in an OKJ race yet will get free engine hire for each weekend.  Anyone else will pay only £100 plus vat for the two day hire for their Junior or Senior engine.  If needed for the Friday 17 February test day, an engine hire will be £100 plus vat.  Contact Strawberry on Telephone: 0114 269 6215/0114 288 9933 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From Andy Cox Racing for each of the two races they offer one set of race slicks to the first 15 entries of OK and OKJ at 20% discount.  The tyres must be pre-ordered and paid to their office on 01527 889595. They will let you know if they can deliver to the event otherwise they will have to have them sent out before the race.

This is a great chance to test and race prior to the first round of the Super One at Rowrah on 10-12 March which is also the O Plate for the classes.  So will we see the first showing of the OK/OKJ O Plate at Shenington in March?

Entries open for February now, go to and click on the Forms/Entries tab.

Here is a reminder of the ages eligible for the classes:

For Juniors: Year of 12th birthday for those that with an International C licence and proof to the MSA of entering a CIK-Junior international event, or 12th birthday for those that can show they have an International C licence and have had a National A licence for at least 12 months, and for those in the year of their 13th birthday, a National A Licence.  Maximum age is year of 17th birthday.  Minimum driver weight is 40kg.

For Seniors: Drivers who have not reached their 16th birthday must hold a minimum of National A licence.  If they have reached their 15th birthday, they must hold a minimum International A or B licence or show they have held a National A licence for 12 months minimum. If they are in the year of their 15th birthday they must in addition hold an International C-restricted minimum licence.  If they are in the year of their 14th birthday and can show they have an accepted entry to a CIK-OK senior international event they can compete.  Minimum weight for under 16’s is 52kg.  Novices can compete if over 16. 

[February 2017 –  Photography]

Please note that we have secured the services of motorsport photographer Chris Walker for our February meeting.  So visit for your pix from Feb and please support Chris.  Pixelero has retired and we are on the lookout for a regular replacement.  They must have public liability insurance of minimum £2M covering motorsport on a live track, and suitable equipment and printer.  They must be able to attend all our race days and have suitable experience.  Apply to the club secretary please.

[8 January 2017 –  2016 Shenington Awards evening]

Web AwardWinnersSKRC2016A record 185 guests sat down to dinner in the Stratford Manor Hotel for the 2016 Shenington Awards evening of food, wine and dance. Rally champion and car TT record holder Mark Higgins was guest of honour presenting the awards, and giving some insight to his career.  The awards culminated in the presentation to Savannah Hardy as Lady Driver of the Year, from nominations including Hannah Lang and Jessica Brickley.  And the much coveted Driver of the Year trophies went the way of MSA British Short Circuit Gearbox Kart Champion Scott Allen, from nominations including Joe Turney and Harry Moore. Later the night was danced away to the music from Tyler John.

The other special awards were as follows:

Most improved IAME Cadet – Max Speed

Most improved Honda Cadet – Drew DavidsonWEb LadyDriverofYr SavannahHardy

Most improved Junior TKM – Will Layton

Most improved TKM Clubman – Chris Yates

Most improved TKM Extreme – Will Lakin

Most improved Junior X30 – Jonathan Robertson

Most improved Gearbox – Tom LongfieldK DriverofYrScottAllen

Most promising Cadet – Maurice Henry

Most promising Junior – Zak Oates

Perseverance Award – Billy Harrison-Lock

Junior Clubman Award – James Pashley

Senior Clubman Award – Glen Pashley

Wooden Spoon – Mark Riman

Norman Palmer Marshal Award – Lynn Hawkins






[23 November 2016 –  On line payments now live]

Shenington KRC are delighted to confirm that entries and memberships can now be taken on line.

Entering a Shenington race meeting couldn’t be easier…simply register online for the event here:

You can also pay for membership, practice days, pit bays, transponder hire etc at the same time as your entry.  The discount entry fee for the Winter100 series in December, February and March is also available on the system, only £135 for three meetings if a club member (not applicable to TKM Clubman senior). 

Or you can separately join the club by clicking here:

Once you are registered, the system will issue you with a password and will then remember your details for next time.  It also allows a team or parent with multiple drivers to register them all to one login, allowing multiple drivers to be entered on one card transaction.  You will also find all your information if you have used the TrakData with us before or with another club.

You also have the option to download the ‘TrakData’ app to your Smartphone which gives you the option to enter for the race no matter where your location!

Payment can also be accepted online from most major credit/debit cards or with PayPal.  All payments are secure with the latest 2048 bit encryption.

Please let us know if you have any problems with our new system.

Alternatively, you can still enter a meeting with a RACE ENTRY FORM, or join the club by downloading from the list on the Race/Entries tab on the website and post or Fax to the address / number on the form. 

[23 November 2016 –  New championship for affordable Junior TKM Clubman class]

Starting on December 18 the club can offer a low cost junior championship.  Junior TKM Clubman is exactly the same as Junior TKM except the TAG engines are not permitted.  Karts in Junior TKM and Junior TKM Clubman will all race together but there will be separate trophies and separate points for the championship (subject as always to sufficient entries).  Please ensure you enter the correct class and confirm on the scrutineering card.  TKM non TAG engines are relatively inexpensive on the used market so the club hopes this affordable approach [GS1]will boost numbers in the junior classes.  Subject to sufficient entries there will be a Winter Championship for the class over December, February and March, these meetings also counting for the 2017 club championship.

[10 November 2016 –  Special offer for Gearbox drivers]


Shenington needs your support!

Shenington has always been a Club that supports Gearbox racing and is one of the few circuits left to hold races for KZ & 250 National within our Club meetings.  We are struggling to have enough entries for the classes to run and without you the 'DRIVERS' supporting us we may loose our gearbox grid! PLEASE do not let this happen we want you there at our meetings it would be a very sad day for gearbox racing and for Shenington Kart Club if we did not have a grid any longer.

We have a race meeting on November 20th with testing the day before this is our last meeting of the 2016 season, entries close this weekend we would be thrilled if you came along and will offer you membership rates for both days.

Entries to Sonja Game

Our Winter Series dates are: December 18th 2016, February 19th 2017, March 19th 2017.

[12 October 2016 –  Draft 2017 Race Calendar announced]

Click here for the draft 2017 Race and Practice Day Calendar

[12 October 2016 –  Annual Awards Evening 7 January 2017]

Always popular Shenington KRC's Awards Evenng and Dinner Dance will again be held at the Sttatford Manor Hotel, see this flier.

The food is always excellent, rooms are available now with the special discount and you can start digging out that 'Sixties' gear.

Tickets available at the race meetings or by post with order form below here.  Remember you or your driver could be nominated for a special award.  We are having a change of entertainment this year, same as at the SuperPrix, Tyler John and his crew were very popular.  Guest of honour will be the acclaimed rally champion Mark Higgins.  Former British Champion he recently set a new lap record on the Isle of Man TT course in a Subaru, with an average speed of 128.73mph.  We are sure he will have plently tales to relate.




[8 July 2016 –  Whelen Europe SuperPrix  - MotorsTV announcement and Kart Boot Sale details]


Post Script: The SuperPrix segments that were aired by MotorsTV are now available on Youtube, visit here for the playlist, enjoy!

And the OK and OKJ MSA British Championship classes are on here

Competitors please note that you will be receiving an updated final instructions / confirmation from the competition secretar.  Please note that Friday test day starts at 0930 but on Saturday and Sunday we start on the track at 0900.  Competition starts at 1400 on Saturday but you need to be scrutineered and signed on between 0730 and 0840 (0900 latest) on Saturday morning with the drivers briefing at 0840 Saturday.  Practice starts at 0900.  Please also see the Gaydon M40 roadworks information below.  You may have heard that MotorsTV has apparently gone into liquidation but we will be showing all finals in full length on YouTube in full HD and on Race World TV Network ( ) including the Junior X30 club championship race.  Anyone that has not entered please do so quickly, some grids are filling fast.  We especially need to remind the Junior X30 that this is a round counting for the club championship (as are all the classes).  Thanks to our sponsors we are also hoping to be able to provide some voucher prizes for the winners, more details when available.  As well as being rounds for the Super 4 and 210 Challenge it is the second round of the Super One MSA British Championship Series for OK and OKJ, so prepare to see some of the best racing in the UK. Please note that although Friday is an open practice day for anyone, Saturday practice is only for entered competitors (and historics).

Please remember if you want to book a table in the Shenington SuperPrix Kart Book sale on Sunday 17 July from 0900 to 1600 please complete the form with payment details and either post or email to the secretary or bring with you to the race meeting.  Word Document and PDF forms are available here or on the website in the Forms section.  Everyone must be out of the marquee by 4 pm in order to prepare for prize giving.  Unencrypted emails or not safe for card details.


Please note the roadworks and slip closures on the days surrounding the Shenington SuperPrix

Monday 11th July - Wednesday 13th July:

Southbound M40 on/off slip closure from 09:30 – 18:00

Traffic lights on the B4451 M40 over bridge from 09:30  16:00

Thursday 14th July - Friday 15th July:

Northbound M40 on/off slip closure from 07:30 – 16:00

Traffic lights on the B4451 M40 over bridge from 09:30  16:00

Saturday 16th July:

Traffic lights on the B4451 M40 over bridge from 07:00  18:00

Monday 18th July - Friday 22nd July:

All northbound and southbound slips open

Traffic lights on the B4451 M40 over bridge from 09:30  16:00 (except Wednesday 20th July - no traffic management)

[29 June 2016 –  Whelen Europe SuperPrix  - OK Engine prize and E Plate trophies]

To encourage new drivers to the OK and OKJ classes Strawberry Racing are offering a prize of a new DDS or DDJ engine to the highest placed driver who is not in the current top ten of the Super One MSA British Kart Championship and newcomers to the series.  Mote details from Strawberry Racing who are also sponsoring new perpetual trophies for this first running of the MSA E Plate for OK and OKJ.  So download an entry form from the Super One website and get racing in this fantastic fast class.

OK/OKJ Entry forms here

[11 June 2016 –  Whelen Europe SuperPrix & E Plate coming on 15-17 July]

Download the Whelen Europe SuperPrix / MSA E Plate poster by clicking here, more information to follow.  Lots of attractions - Open Friday practice (even for non entrants), Practice most of Saturday after scrutineering from 0800 and signing on by 0900, some heats late Saturday afternoon and timed qualifying for the MSA British Championships (OK & OKJ), rest of heats on Sunday then the Finals. Bar is open on Friday night, bucking bronco, Saturday evening pig roast, salad, disco and live music.  Boot sale in the Marquee on Sunday (booking form to follow).  Historic kart on track demonstrations each day and static display in the BHKC marquee (£20 entry fee).  Perpetual trophies for the club classes, E Plates for Cadet, Rotax, TKM and Gearbox, also has KZ UK Super 4 and 210 National Challenge.  X30 club races.  All races count for the Shenington club championship as well.  The E Plate can be used at all MSA clubs, the SP plate awarded to the TKM Clubman winner is only for Shenington.  Entry forms and regulations are on the Forms page. All entrants will receive a free Saturday pig roast / salad ticket, extra ones available at £7.50.  Note car parking is to the right and right again behind the hedge, not in the Grandstand Field.  No cars to be parked in the pits unless working from them and used to transport the kart.  All E plate classes except OK will be televised on Motors TV and then on Youtube.  OK and OKJ also win E Plates, the first special plates for these exciting and very fast new classes.  OK/OKJ enter via the normal Super One process.

[4 May 2016 – OK Racing offered on 14/15 May meeting and again 18/19 June]


Shenington is pleased to announce that the club will be offering the new CIK OK and OK Junior classes at its May  and June meetings, practice on 14 May and racing on 15 May.  Andy Cox Racing and Strawberry Racing are offering discount terms on tyres and engine hire respectively, please contact them for full details and see this poster.  The usual entry and practice rates apply, to download an entry form please visit .  This would be the first races for the exciting and challenging new class so please show your support.


[26 April 2016 – Important Reminder - Annual General Meeting on 3 May, updated 4 May]


Please note that the Shenington Kart Racing Club's AGM is at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3rd May in the Clubhouse at the circuit.  All members will have received an agenda and notice.  We have three new nominations for Committee.  This is your chance to make your comments on the running of the club so please do attend.  One of the items on the agenda is whether we should award points in the heats as well as the finals.  What is your opinion?  At the meeting three new committee members were elected: Donna Salmon, Mark Riman and Dan Parker.  They replace Gordon Griffiths who resigned during last year and Richard Lloyd who was not offering himself for re-election.  All other committee members were re-elected.  Welcome to our new committee for 2016.

[19 April 2016 – Important Notice re the 2017 Club Championship]


Please note that the 2017 championships will actually start with Round 1 on 17/18 December this year and no race meeting in January 2017.  Meetings will then continue as normal on the third Sundays of the month except for April when it might be 29/30th to avoid Easter weekend and again it is likely we will have two meetings in October and not in early December.  MSA permission has been given.  This is because of the clash with Autosport once again and a likely repeat of the low availability of competitors. We do hope this will not be an inconvenience but if you have any comments about the club please attend the AGM at 7.30 on Tuesday 3rd May at the club house.



[19 April 2016 – Track Banner Sale]


Shenington KRC Ltd are selling banners round the track in advance of the televised SuperPrix meeting in July.  Advertisers might gain extra publicity from the MotorsTV and Youtube coverage.  The cost will be £300 plus VAT and all you need to do is provide the artwork.  The price includes the banner, putting it up, and leaving it for the remainder of the year. Contact the Secretary on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details or to place your order.

[8 April 2016 – Rotax Interclub Midlands Championship]

Regulations are here.

Rotax Drivers – please register for the Midlands Interclub championship if you haven’t already done that – it’s free!  And you might score some points.  See and we have forms at Shenington’s signing on desk.  Our round at Shenington is on 21st August.

[15 March 2016 - MSA confirms MSA British Kart Championship Calendar]6

The relaunched MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships will kick off at Whilton Mill on 28-29 May, promoter Super One Series has confirmed.

In a major boost to UK karting, the MSA British Championships will run as non-gearbox classes for the first time in three years. The full three-round calendar is:

•            28-29 May 2016: Whilton Mill

•            16-17 July: Shenington

•            23-25 September: PF International.

Meanwhile the MSA and engine-supplier OTK (Vortex) are delighted to confirm that a formal contract is now in place for the supply of power units in both championships for 2016. Both engine fiches will be made available on the MSA website at in due course. Both engines are in stock and available from the UK importer, Strawberry Racing.

Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, said: “I’m absolutely delighted that a contract is in place for 2016. We are confident that the relaunched MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships will be very successful, in which case the MSA has every expectation of extending the arrangement with OTK for at least a further two years.”

The championship regulations will be made available through the promoter at In addition, Vortex OK class regulations will be available to clubs, again through the MSA website at These class regulations will confirm the minimum class weights as being 142kg and 152kg in the junior and senior classes respectively.

The 2016 MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Champions will be awarded works drives with a Vortex team (Tonykart Racing Team or Kosmic Racing Department) in the 2016 CIK-FIA World Championships in Bahrain (16-19 November). This will be fully funded by OTK, including race entry, race material, mechanic, flights, accommodation and subsistence.

For a factsheet about the 2016 MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships, click here.

Release MSA16-010: 15 March 2016


For media information only. No regulatory value.

[15 March 2016 – Entries for the next meeting]

Entries for 20 March race meeting are now on the website, go to Entries at the bottom of the page

[12 March 2016 – TKM Interclub Midlands Championship]

Regulations are here, or on the TKM website but stop press news is that the championship has been cancelled this year, due to insufficient registrations.

[21 January 2016 - Race 'n' Respect launched by Allan McNish, with Bambino awards]

RacenRespect2016LaunchSportscar legend and ex-F1 racer Allan McNish joined the MSA at Autosport International (16 January) to extend the Race ‘n’ Respect campaign across all karting, junior circuit racing and junior drag racing, and to present awards to Bambino karters.

Race ‘n’ Respect is a code of conduct designed to create a positive atmosphere in motor sports, on and off the track. It was trialled last year in the MSA Bambino and MSA British Cadet Kart Championships, with great success. It will also now be adopted by the National Karting Association (NKA), which represents indoor venues and ‘arrive-and-drive’ karting – a popular entry route into the sport for many competitors.

The campaign is underpinned by the Racing Code that applies not only to competitors but also to officials, organisers, parents, guardians and teams. It is based on strong values:

• Respect

• Fair play

• Self-control

• Good manners

• Sincerity.

McNish, a three-time winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours and the 2013 FIA WEC World Champion, said: “I first launched Race ‘n’ Respect in Bambino and Cadet karting at Autosport International 12 months ago, and for it to be so successful and expanded across all karting and into junior circuit and drag racing is a really important step. I am sure drivers and teams all realise from an early age that racing is not just about winning – it’s also a fun and social family sport for so many competitors. That’s what Race ‘n’ Respect promotes and it’s why I’m right behind the campaign.”

McNish and MSA Chief Executive Rob Jones also took the opportunity to present awards to the top 10 competitors in last year’s inaugural MSA Bambino Kart Championship. The champion, Taylor Orridge, was thrilled to win a brand new IAME-engined Cadet kart, donated by the MSA and displayed on the MSA stand during Autosport International.

“I’m sure that there are some future stars among the current crop of Bambino competitors,” said McNish. “They should all be very proud of their achievements, but most of all as well as racing hard they enjoyed their racing season. I just wish I could be their age again, starting out with a world of possibilities ahead!”

[19 January 2016 - Shenington thanks all who helped at the January meeting]

The Club would like to thank all those officials, drivers, mechanics and families who helped clear the snow from the circuit which allowed us to manage to have at least some racing yesterday.

Without the support of all those who waited patiently our thanks to you all and at least you were rewarded with two long heats and trophies and Championship points awarded as an aggregate of the two races.

It was such a shame that the first snow of the winter had to fall on our race day but the one thing we cannot arrange is the weather!

We apologise to the 250 and KZ classes which we did have to cancel even though some of you did wait in case there was a race!

We look forward now to the February and March race meetings which are part of the winter series and hope to see you all racing again then.

Thank you all for supporting the Club.

[19 January 2016 - MSA selects engine and tyre for British Kart Championhip]

Web Vortex1The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is pleased to confirm that it has entered into negotiations with Vortex (OTK) and Vega as the preferred suppliers of engines and tyres for the 2016 MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships.

The move follows an open tender process that the MSA launched last December. The chosen Vortex engine is the newly homologated CIK-FIA OK unit. The Vega tyre is also homologated, and coincidentally has also succeeded in the tender process for the CIK-FIA championships.

The MSA has always specified CIK-homologated engines for the MSA British Championships, so that when the KF engines proved unsuccessful, the MSA British Junior Championship was suspended, while the British Senior Championship continued with the KZ1 engine.

These decisions mean that the MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships will now run in 2016 with the latest CIK-homologated engines. There will also be a new MSA Championship this year for KZ1 and the existing Bridgestone tyre.

Cheryl Lynch, MSA Race, Speed & Kart Executive, said: “There is no doubt that the MSA British Championships have suffered from the lack of a suitable CIK-homologated engine. However the fact that we now have a new homologated engine will rejuvenate the MSA British Championships and UK karting as a whole.”




[19 January 2016 - MSA chooses Dunlop for Formula Cadet Tyre supply ]


CadetTyres JR RussellAWebThe Motor Sports Association (MSA) is pleased to confirm that it has entered into negotiations with Dunlop as the preferred supplier of tyres to the Formula Cadet kart class from 2017.

The move follows an open tender process that the MSA launched last July. The tender document required a half-second increase in average lap times, and extensive tests carried out by the MSA showed that Dunlop met this criterion.

Rigorous testing also showed that the proposed Dunlop tyre is very durable, with minimal performance drop-off – all tyres were put through the equivalent of 500 laps of use during the testing process. Consequently one set of tyres could theoretically be used for multiple race meetings, and the environmental impact will also be reduced by limiting the number of tyres disposed of.

The new tyre will be mandatory in the Formula Cadet class from 1 January 2017. It has been decided almost a year in advance to help manufacturers develop new 2017 chassis that are suited to the new tyre.

Simon Blunt, MSA General Secretary and Chairman of the Selection Panel, said: “We were delighted with the level of interest from tyre manufacturers, and with the quality of all their proposals. This made the selection process tricky, but thorough testing revealed that the new tyre proposed by Dunlop exceeded the criteria. This left the Panel in unanimous agreement.”


When will the tyres be in use?
The tender process has been run in good time for the development of the 2017 new chassis homologation – manufacturers will have early access to the Dunlop tyre from mid-2016. The tyre is then compulsory in all MSA Formula Cadet racing, including both IAME and Honda, from 1 January 2017 for a three-year period, up to and including 31 December 2019.

What will be the price of the tyres?
Dunlop has offered the following fixed retail prices (exclusive of carriage) for the duration of the three-year contract:

• Front: £24.55+VAT each
• Rear: £30.30+VAT each
• Complete set: £109.70+VAT
• Front: £26.07+VAT each
• Rear: £32.11+VAT each
• Complete set: £116.36+VAT

This is less than the current tyre, and Dunlop will also continue to support the promotion of the Formula Cadet classes.

Will the wet weather tyre change?
No, the wet weather tyre will remain the same as it is currently.

How would you sum up this change?
The MSA believes the choice will both reduce costs in the Cadet classes and enhance the driving experience, leading to better and more exciting racing.

Image shows MSA Technical Director John Ryan with Dunlop importer Russell Anderson, courtesy of TSR Productions



[16 October 2015 - 2015 Awards and Dinner Dance on 9th January 2016 at Stratford]

Dinner2016 FlierThe tickets for Shenington KRC's awards evening and dinner dance will be on sale from this weekend and the Booking Form is on the Forms page here.  Our event is always well supported and offers a splendid evening of entertainment and the opportunity to applaud our trophy winners success  We will be posting out forms, 2016 calendars and membership renewal forms to all members in December along with names of trophy winners and nominations for the special awards.  Book early so as not to miss this great annual event from your club.












[2 O
ctober 2015: UK and European Karting elite ready themselves for the 9th and biggest Kartmania show yet.]
The “Wing” at Silverstone racing circuit just outside Towcester, Northamptonshire, the traditional home of British Motorsport since 1948 will play host for the 4th year running to Kartmania on the weekend of the 28th and 29th November.
Find the ABkC / ARKS / MSA and club area on the entrance floor and find out all you need to know about kart racing.  Start Karting packs on sale, information on classes, brochures etc.  Ask the experts!
The shows organisers has packed a full weekend of activities, presentations and exhibitors, highlights include:
·         Over 70 exhibitors and sponsors expected for 2015
·         Information Centre in association with ABkC & MSA
·         See the Karts and meet the race teams
·         KartBoot – a chance for a bargain or two
·         New layout for 2015 at this great venue
·         Trophy and Awards presentations for the major UK Championships
·         See the latest Karts and kit from all the major European suppliers
·         FREE Parking
·         Food and Refreshment area
New for 2015 Round Table Discussions and Seminars on or for:
Clerk of the Course
Running Race Meetings
New to Cadet or Bambino
New to Kart Racing
Basic Kart Maintenance Procedures
provisional Child Safeguarding
Kartmania 2015 is a great family day out and is a brilliant opportunity for those experienced karting guys and girls as well anyone with an interest in motorsport. Find out all you need to know about Karting and follow in the footsteps of some of motorsports true heroes.
Kartmania 2015, sponsored by ABkC, MSA, Rotax/JAG and Karting Magazine is set to showcase every aspect of the sport, from how to get involved right through to championship level and is the only event of its kind in the UK.
To find out more information or to book advance tickets for the show visit or emaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[20 October 2015 - TKM Interclub Midlands latest]

Final Rounds 5 and 6:

The last round of the TKM Midlands Champs saw some excellent close racing and the championship podium changing lap by lap in the finals. Well done to the champions crowned – Adam Sparrow, Daniel Mense and Matthew Allnut – the latter winning two TKM club champs in two weekends!

In Juniors Adam Sparrow ran consistently at the front throughout the day and knew he just had to keep it clean in the finals. But he was in the midst of a huge battle between Roman Haskett, Jordan-Lee Chapman, Alex Rees and Joshua Sherriff. Roman managed to grab the lead back on the last lap of the second final which gave him second place in the champs from Jordan-Lee Chapman by one point.

In Clubman Daniel Mense got knocked off in one heat but came back strongly to take the title. Dave Turton was on top form and clinched second place in the championship ahead of Max Goldsmith who took a fine win in the second final.

And in Extreme Matthew Allnut had it all wrapped up by the second final while Jack Ransom and Rowan Reed battled for second place with Reed just taking it by two points. I can now confirm the results for the year and the prize vouchers as follows:


1st      Adam Sparrow                  £75     TKM voucher

2nd      Roman Haskett                 £50     TKM voucher

3rd      Jordan-Lee Chapman        £25     TKM voucher


1st      Daniel Mense                    £75     TKM Voucher

2nd      David Turton                     £50     TKM Voucher

3rd      Max Goldsmith                  £25     TKM Voucher


1st      Matthew Allnut                  £75     TKM voucher

2nd      Rowan Reed                     £50     TKM voucher

3rd      Jack Ransom                    £25     TKM voucher


Festival Report:

The Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton set the backdrop for this round and gave a whole new set of racing challenges to the Midlands contenders and some outstanding success.

On top of other results, Matt Taylor won the Junior ‘O’ plate and Matt Allnut won the Senior ‘O’ plate capping a great weekend’s driving from both of them. Rowan Reed won the Festival final.

In Juniors it was Ross Deal who won the day from Archie Albone and Matt Taylor - Albone up 16 places in the final. With Adam Sparrow having a problem in the final dropping him back, the points table is still very close once drop scores are taken into account, with Matt Taylor extending his lead over Sparrow and Alex Rees.

Clubman saw a real topsy turvey weekend with a shake-up of points that leaves the top five drivers all within 10 points. Liam Wilson took top points from Jack Cobourn and James Arnold while points leader Daniel Mense had a disastrous weekend.

It leaves Mense still just leading from Max Goldsmith and Ciaran McDonald but with the points so close and drop scores really anyone in the top half dozen could still win!

In Extreme Kye Springfield made up 15 places in the final to take the win just ahead of Matthew Allnut with Jack Ransom in third and Gareth Haynes fourth. It leaves Allnut just a few points clear of Ranson after dropped scores. Reed in third on equal points with Gareth Haynes and Joe Stockford only one point behind.

Attached you will find the points tables from the event. If you have any queries on the points tables can you please email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The event will have coverage on Motors TV which will also include a special update on top drivers in all our TKM club championships. This is scheduled to start screening on Motors TV on August 31.

Next round for everyone is at Whilton Mill on October 25 with a double header for everyone. But in the meantime the Clubman class has its round at the next Shenington meeting in September. Don’t forget to get entries in on time. 

Click for latest points tables for Juniors, Seniors, Clubman


[3 July 2015 - Even more about the SuperPrix and E Plate in July]

Don’t forget the Shenington SuperPrix on 17 – 19 July is also the new MSA E Plate Championship this year.  The entries for the meeting are now available on here: and the timetable for the event is here.

The Historic Programme is here, well worth a read.

This new E Plate from the MSA is going to be very prestigious, and on a par with GP and O Plates.  It will be recognised at all MSA Clubs and is designating the English Champion in the same way as S and C are for Scotland and Wales. All the usual classes will be racing for this new plate except for X30 and Max 177 (which are not permitted by the MSA for these special plates at the moment).  And TKM Clubman has its own unique SP Plate to be won, which can only be used at Shenington. There are fastest lap trophies to be won and every class winner will hold the special SuperPrix perpetual trophy for a year.  The races will be shown in a 2 hour special on MotorsTV and be available on Youtube.  Shenington KRC will be pleased to take entries from X30 Junior and Senior for the Shenington Superprix, eligible for the perpetual trophy.

Optional practice is on Friday 17 July and is open to all usual classes whether entered in the SuperPrix or not.  The 2 day race meeting starts on Saturday morning with scrutineering at 0800, then practice through to a late lunch break followed by heats for most drivers.  Sunday will have the remainder of the heats and the grand finals.  Each lunchtime and Friday and Saturday evening will see on track demonstrations from members of the British Historic Kart Club and The Legends. On Saturday evening there is the usual pig roast, salad, bar and live music.  All drivers entered will receive a free ticket and additional tickets can be purchased at £7.

SKRC would like to thank all sponsors of the meeting including Spellfame Karting, Tal-Ko, JAG Engineering, Jade Karts, MK Racing, AFR, John Mills Engineering, The British Historic Kart Club, Grand Prix Models and Zip Kart.  Regulations for the event are here:

[26 June 2015 - Competition to win the loan of a Senior Max kart opens]

RotaxKart3Due to the kind donation to the club of a Senior Rotax Max Kart (a Kosmic chassis) the Shenington Kart Racing Club invites applications from a deserving driver for the use of this kart.  The club envisages the kart would be lent to a driver who is either struggling with older non-competitive equipment or has not yet found the funds to own their own kart.  The successful applicant will be at least 16 years old and hold an MSA Competition Kart Licence or be in the process of obtaining such a licence.  They will have to be or become a member of Shenington Kart Racing Club and undertake to compete in at least 5 races per annum at the club.  The loan would be for the remainder of 2015 and all of 2016 subject to satisfactory continuing reports and use. 


Applications should be made on a single sheet of A4, addressed to the Secretary, Shenington Kart Racing Club, Stoneycroft, Godsons Lane, Napton, Southam, CV47 8LX or as a pdf file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 15th July.  Supporting information such as full CV, results or experience to date can be added on separate sheets. The winner will be announced during the Shenington SuperPrix and MSA E Plate meeting on 18/19 July (optional practice open to all on Friday 17 July).



[17 June 2015 - June Club meeting information and more about the E Plate in July]

The entry lists can be found on "Entries" - bottom of the menu on the lower left hand edge of the pages - and provisional results during the event can be found here:  Any Bambino is welcome to practice on Saturday, whether entered or not.

After that the next meeting is the SuperPrix on July 17-19 which counts for club championship points and the winners in most classes are awarded the new MSA E Plate.  This is the first time it has been awarded, the MSA have decided to have an English E Championship to go with the S for Scotland and C for Wales.  So it is universally recognised, an exciting new number plate up for grabs.  TKM Clubman has its own special plate, SP for SuperPrix winner, can be used at Shenington until next year's event. Go to the Forms page for the special entry form.


[9 June 2015 - September Club meeting and Little Green Man / X30 Tour advance information]

This notice gives advance information about our 19/20 September club meeting when we will welcome guests in the IAME Cadet Little Green Man championship and the X30 Tour. 

Parking: Grandstand Field is exclusively for LGM Cadet and X30 Tour (weather permitting)

Timetable Saturday

0900 Practice starts on Saturday at 0900 for all classes with LGM Cadet out first.  There will be a £10 discount on normal fees (except TKM Clubman).  Practice finishes around 1530/1600.

1530 approx -1600: Scrutineering and Heats for LGM IAME Cadet and X30 Junior and Senior

Timetable Sunday

0745 Scrutineering for all classes (optionally Saturday evening) other than LGM and X30

0930 Practice for all classes then heats and finals for all classes. Normal 3 heats and a final, rolling starts for all direct drive classes, standing starts for gearbox.

X30 Junior and Senior: All X30 entries will be run together, whether in the Tour or club entries and therefore the races will count for the Shenington Club Championship

TKM Clubman: Note practice starts at 0930 with other classes on Saturday, normal weekend entry fee. Because this is a round of the TKM Interclub Midland Championship TKM Clubman entrants will have the option of choosing a set of tyres to be marked specifically for the meeting and deferring any success ballast until their next entry.  They must then keep their registered tyres in parc ferme for their next entry.

Honda Cadet / IAME Cadet: There will be separate club races for these classes to count for the Shenington Club Championship, they may be combined with split starts depending on entries.

[9 June 2015 - June and July Meetings]

Your invitation to join us at Shenington Kart Racing Club near Banbury in north Oxfordshire.  Club members and non club members are welcome.  The next meeting is in June, with Saturday 20th June being the last chance to practice before the televised July SuperPrix and MSA E Plate championship.  Saturday 20th June Test Day will be from 0930 to 1700 and caters for all normal classes plus Bambino (not restricted to the MSA Bambino Championship drivers who are welcomed over this weekend and should park in the Grandstand field.) A special invitation goes to all Senior and Junior X30 drivers, come and join in at the friendliest midlands club (source Facebook).  The July SuperPrix has a Test Day on 17th July open to all then the 2-day meeting only for those entered.  The 2-day meeting counts for club championship points in the usual way, but is also the MSA E Plate for IAME, Honda Cadet, Junior TKM, TKM Extreme, MiniMax, Junior Max, Rotax Max, 210 National, KZ UK and 250 National.  The TKM Clubman has its own special SP plate for Shenington use only whereas the E Plate is allowed at all MSA Clubs, a great chance to earn a prestigous special number.  The event is sponsored and will be televised for Motors TV and Youtube.  There are Historic and Classic kart displays each of the three days.  For more details see the post further down this page. For entry forms go to the Forms page on this website.

[11 May 2015 - TKM Interclub Update]

A warm day at Kimbolton saw some great racing and significant changes to the points tables in both the Junior and Extreme classes that were racing – Clubman having a weekend off.

In Juniors it was first time out for Chris Whitton in this year’s series and a perfect weekend with a pole position and win. That win was by a whisker, with Adam Sparrow just a few inches short of the line. First round winner Matthew Taylor was third.

The result leaves Matthew Taylor still topping the table but with Adam Sparrow now second and Jordan-Lee Chapman third. Whitton back in seventh place but of course strongly placed when a round is dropped.

In Seniors the shake-up was even more marked. Joe Stockford took a clear win chased hard by Harry Moore and Jack Ransom. But with Moore excluded for a non-compliance it was Matthew Allnut who took over third.

So all change on the points table with Matthew Allnut now leading the way by three points from Gareth Haynes and Rowan Reed, both on equal points. Joe Stockford moves up to fourth with just four points separating the first four.

Full points tables are available now on the Tal-Ko website Any queries please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Next round for all three classes is at Rissington on June 7 – don’t forget to get your entries in to the club in good time.

[11 May 2015 - Bambino practice 28 May]

Just to confirm that we will offer Bambino practice on Thursday 28th May as well as Saturday 20 June ready for the MSA Bambino Championship on Sunday 21 June.  Licences are not required for practice but drivers should have some track experience.  If not they can book the taster day on 29 May (if they have their own kart as we are otherwise fully booked) or 18 August.  Practice will start at 0930 and finish at 1700.

[11 May 2015 - Race Meeting 17 May]

Welcome to the new Rotax Interclub Regional Championship kicking off the Midlands series at Shenington on 17 May.  Regulations are here, and the Registration Form here.  It will be available at signing on at the circuit at the weekend as well.  No fee to register so what have you got to lose by registering for this JAG Engineering backed championship.  Late entries will be accepted for this new championship.

Provisional results will be available in real time on here:

Live timing will be on here on Sunday 17 May:

Entry lists are on here:

[6 May 2015 - Super One 8 - 10 May]

Welcome to the Rotax Super One competitors and teams, along with the IAME and Honda Cadet support race (there is still time to enter) for the weekend 8 - 10 May.  Parking on Thursday as per S1 regulations, practice day on Friday for entered competitors only and racing Saturday and Sunday, enjoy!  Results during the meeting are on here: and live timing here: 

Please remember not to travel to and from through the Shenington village, and observe all speed limits, the police may be out checking.

Here is the information for the weekend: Programme Page 1;  Timetable for Friday - Saturday - Sunday and Entry Lists

[18 April 2015 - Race Meeting 19 April]

Results during the meeting will be available here: and are on the Results page on this website.
Entries are on the Entries page and results and provisional championship points will be on the Results pages as soon as possible after the meeting.  A big welcome to all guests for the TKM Interclub Midland Championship.  Here is Tal-Ko's brief report on the TKM Championship and a link to the points table:

The opening round of the TKM Midlands Club Champs got off to a cracking start with some hectic racing at a dry but chilly Shenington which saw TKM as by far the largest overall grids.

In Juniors it was Matt Taylor who took the win ahead of Jordan-Lee Chapman  and James Pashley. It was a great race, though cut short when Joshua Sherriff went over the top of Adam Sparrow in the podium battle putting them both in an ambulance. Sherriff later excluded.

Clubman saw a momentous scrap for the lead taken at the flag by Max Goldsmith, only to find out after he was a fraction underweight and excluded. It was Tom Longfield who inherited the win from Daniel Mense and Jack Macauley.

Extreme saw a classy drive from row four for Matthew Allnut to take the win from Gareth Haynes and Rowan Reed.

Points tables are on the website.


[10 April 2015 - Notice of AGM on 7th May]

All members please note the 2014 Annual General Meeting of Shenington Kart Racing Club Ltd will be held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 5th May at the clubhouse at Shenington kart circuit.  The agenda notice and summary accounts for the 2014 financial year have been posted to all club members.  Please do come along and support your committee and vote for the 2015 committee.  Should any member wish to be nominated for the committee please complete the form in the posted pack and inform the Secretary with due notice.  We are always looking for new members willing to contribute to the running of the club.

[2 April 2015 - Support races for IAME & Honda Cadet at the Super One]

Calling all Cadets - how would you like to race at the same meeting as the top Rotax drivers in the country?  Then go to the Forms page and download the S1 Support Entry Form and send with the £120 entry form (that is for two days, with optional practice on Friday at £50). 

[17 March 2015 -  April & September Meetings for TKM Clubman]

TKM Clubman members please note that the regulations will be slightly relaxed for the two TKM Interclub meetings in April and September, as follows: 

Success Ballast: The winner of the previous round may defer using the 4kg success ballast for the round, and instead use it at the next meeting following that he or she enters, if they so wish.

Tyres - Club members may if they wish present an alternative set of used tyres, respecting the regulation wear limits, then revert to the parc ferme set for the next round. They must make their intentions very clear to the Scrutineers on Saturday and have the temporary set suitably marked.

[11 March 2015 -  March 15 race meeting]

The results and provisional championship points are on the Results page, congrats to the Winter100 Series Winners.  This is the final round of the Winter 100 Series and the championship trophies will be presented onSunday afternoon. We have Friday and Saturday practice, all welcome whether entered in the race or not, including for Easykart.

[5 March 2015 - SuperPrix draft regs available]

Shenington SuperPrix & Historic Revival 17-19 July 2015: The draft regulations for this important meeting are now posted on the Forms page.  In most of the major classes including the guest 210 Challenge competitors the winner will be awarded the new MSA E Plate to use at any club until the 2016 event, and in TKM Clubman the winner will be awarded the new SP plate, exclusive to the Shenington SuperPrix, and only permitted to be used at the club.  The meeting also counts for the Shenington Club Championship and is designed to give the normal club driver a crack at this important new title, the MSA English Champion.  To keep the meeting as relaxed and low cost as possible, there will not be control fuel or tyres, but checks will of course be made. Most classes will be televised on MotorsTV and their will be historic and classic kart demonstrations each day.  To those that have not been to our Shenington SuperPrix in the past, we will have two marquees, one for the British Historic Kart Club where usually 100 historic karts are on display.  Friday practice is open to all, but Saturday only to those entered in the SuperPrix.  Practice on Saturday will be up to about 3 - 4pm, then there will be the first heats.  The remainder of heats and the finals will be on Sunday.  On Friday and Saturday evening there will be a bar with draught beer, and on Saturday evening there will be a pig roast and salad with a free ticket to every competitor (more tickets on sale of course).  Also the popular Bucking Bronco has been booked, good fun for all the family.  The club class winners receive a SuperPrix perpetual trophy to keep until the following year's event and there is a large prize giving event in the marquee at the end of the meeting.  We still have to confirm the title sponsor for the event, but welcome individual class sponsorships, a list will be provided shortly.  These sponsors and event partners will receive good exposure on MotorsTV.  So please remember to get your entries in, the form is in the Forms page on the Shenington website. 

[10 February 2015 - Entries and details for the February meeting]

Entry lists are now available on the Entries page 

[19 January 2015 - Bambino Licence training]

Shenington KRC will be offering a day’s official Bambino licence training in conjunction with Zip Kart on Tuesday 17th February.  All new Bambino drivers must undertake the official MSA approved training scheme before they can get their (free) licence.  A training record card for keeping note of which modules have been completed is available on the MSA website here: 
To book for the day, where everything will be supplied and costs £40, please phone Graham Smith on 01926 812177. Zip are promoting the official MSA Bambino Championship in 2015, the only championship that will be allowed for the Bambino class. Following a very successful day, 10 new Bambino drivers were approved for their licences.

[15 January 2015 - All Go for January meeting]

The forecsst for the coming weekend is good, entry lists are on the Enrties page (menu at bottom of the webpages) and all is go for Shenington's first meeting of the year.  This is both the first round of the Club Championship and the first round of the Winter 100 series wheere club members can get three race meetings for only £135 with one advance payment.  Unfortunately Rotax Max did not have enough entries but all other classes are good including X30 Junior.  Late entries may be possible up to Saturday morning.  The pit roads have been re-surfaced  please DO NOT put any stakes in the tarmac - and the new Shower Blocks are open for use.  Please also remember to avoid the vilage of Shenington coming to and from the circuit, and tell your friends the same. 


[14 January 2015: Awards Dinner]


One hundred and fifty guests attended the Shenington Kart Racing Club dinner and awards ceremony at the Stratford Manor Hotel.  Joining the class champions in receiving their awards from Mr Steve Chapman and Mrs Fiona Lloyd were the special awards, kept secret until the evening of 3rd January  Arran Mills, the Junior TKM Class Champion and Super One ABkC National Champion was delighted to be awarded with the Driver of the Year Trophy.  And Hannah Lang, one of the youngest KZ UK drivers took the Lady Driver of the Year accolade.

The other award winners were:

Most Promising Cadet: Leonardo Panayiotou

Most improved Cadet: Lorenzo Kordal

Most Promising Junior: Matthew Graham

Most improved Junior TKM: Sam Fowler

Most improved MiniMax: Brooke Childs

Most improved Junior Max: Quinn Hayward

Most improved TKM: Andre Marot

Most improved Rotax Max: Luke Griffen

Most improved Gearbox: Dan Kelly

Perseverance Award: Max Speed

Junior Clubman: Craig Gaden

Norman Palmer Marshal Award: Phil Rowland

Scroll of Honur: Tom Whitehouse

Lady Driver Award: Hannah Lang

Senior Clubman Award: Steve Weatherhead

Wooden Spoon: Tom Whitehouse

Driver of the Year: Arran Mills

Image courtesy of Pixelero, to view all of the images from the Awards Dinner please visit:

[2 December 2014: TKM Expand the Midlands InterClub]

The first provisional calendar for the TKM Midlands Club Championship has been released with expansion for 2015 in direct response to the positive feedback received from the many drivers taking part. For 2015 the Junior, Senior and Clubman championship will be run at five events with a double header in the last round at Whilton Mill, making it six rounds in total with one dropped score. The Clubman competitors will compete in the same number of events but with one different date. The additional round is the Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton in August, an event where a large majority of drivers take part anyway making it a logical addition and featuring full TV coverage.

A new feature for 2015 will be points scoring not just in the final, but also based on the grid for the final. This will reward drivers who perform well in the heats but then might have a problem in the final. Tal-Ko will also organise extra support for the series, now entering its fourth season and which has had a very high following, one of the largest in British karting. It is open to drivers of all abilities from novice through to experienced. Hunts Kart Club will again act as hosts for the series with organisation carried out TKM co-ordinator Grahame Butterworth. He said: “We have taken into account driver and club feedback to give the series more scope while at the same time extending its length to spread costs.” Drivers will be required to register with Tal-Ko in order to score points and full details of registration will be announced in the New Year. In the meantime provisional dates are as follows:

April 19             Shenington

May 10             Kimbolton (not Clubman)

June 7              Rissington

August 8/9        Kimbolton TKM Festival (with TV coverage)

Sept 20             Shenington (Clubman only)

October 25       Whilton Mill (double header)

Further information and updates will be available on the TKM website at – note this will be upgraded with a brand new site for the turn of the year at the same address.


[21 November 2014: Silverstone gets revved up for Kartmania 2014 - Come and find Shenington stand]

KartmaniaStandSKRC2014UK and European Karting elite ready for themselves for the 8th and biggest show yet
The “Wing” at Silverstone racing circuit just outside Towcester, Northamptonshire, the traditional home of British Motorsport since 1948 will play host for the 3rd year running to Kartmania on the weekend of the 29th and 30th November.
The shows organisers has packed a full weekend of activities, presentations and exhibitors, highlights include:
·         Over 70 exhibitors and sponsors expected for 2014
·         Information Centre in association with ABkC
·         See the Karts and meet the race teams
·         KartBoot – a chance for a bargain or two
·         New exciting layout for 2014 at this great venue
·         Trophy and Awards presentations for the major UK Championships
·         See the latest Karts and kit from all the major European suppliers
·         FREE Parking
·         Food and Refreshment area
Kartmania 2014 is a great family day out and is a brilliant opportunity for those experienced karting guys and girls as well anyone with an interest in motorsport. Find out all you need to know about Karting and follow in the footsteps of some of motorsports true heroes.
Kartmania 2014, sponsored by Rotax and Karting Magazine is set to showcase every aspect of the sport, from how to get involved right through to championship level and is the only event of its kind in the UK.
Shenington KRC had a good show, selling many memberships at the special discount price and helping to advise newcomers on their options.  The stand looked really great, thanks to for the image.

[20 November 2014: SuperPrix moves to July 17-19]


Shenington Kart Racing Club wish to announce that their annual 2015 SuperPrix and Historic Revival will move from its traditional date in June to 18 – 19th July in 2015.  The event is also the new MSA E Plate Championship for all the popular classes.  The club has been forced to change the date of the fifteenth running of the SuperPrix because of a clash with PF International’s FIA-CIK European Championship on their traditional June date. 

Class winners will be able to display the new E for English Champion as their competition number which will be recognised by all kart clubs.  The SuperPrix offers televised coverage, splendid perpetual awards, music, a pig roast and salad and a bar along with the daily demonstrations of the British Historic Kart Club members restored karts, and the famous Kart Legends display.  Full details and entry lists will soon be available on the club’s website

According to MSA statistics between January and September, Shenington was the most popular MSA racing club in the UK.  They will be attending the KartMania show at Silverstone with a special discount membership offer and details of their discounted Winter 100 championship over January, February and March.

[7 November 2014: New ARKS Video filmed at Shenington]

ARKSVideoFilming2 WebShenington was the venue this week for the filming of the new MSA ARKS Video to go in the Go Karting packs.  The video will be made by Alan Taddei of Super One TV fame, and Protrain supplied the drivers and Chief Instructor Gary Chapman.  Thanks also to Jade Karts and Zip Kart who supplied karts for the display.

ARKSVideoFilming1 Web

[7 November 2014: 2015 Calendar revealed]

The calendar for 2015 is now available by clicking here.  Please support our practice day and note the 1st September is a Tuesday, chosen to help those getting ready for the Super One meeting and hopefully just before the return to school.  Also note the annual Shenington SuperPrix & Historic Revival on 19-21 June, which is also the MSA E Plate for all classes (except TKM Clubman which we hope to have its own special plate).  Exciting plans for this meeting will be announced later but the MotorsTV slot is already booked. The new E Plates can be used at every club so this is really something to aim for.  Race entry fees, membership fees and pit bay fees remain the same as the last three years although we have had to slightly increase the test day fees.  We hope you will all support Shenington in 2015.  

[7 November 2014: Awards Dinner Tickets]

You can now order your tickets for the Dinnner and 2014 Awards Evening for the Shenington KRC Club Championship by clicking on this form here. All information is on this poster here.  The always well supported dinner is once again at the Stratford Manor Hotel on 3rd January.  Rooms need to be booked soon, see the poster for the code.  All members will receive the information about trophy winners and nominatioins fot the special awards in the post during December. 

[15 October 2014: Entries for the October 19th meeting]

Please note the entries for the October 19th meeting are now posted on the website here , welcome to the KZ UK ABkC Super 4 drivers and the 210 Challenge drivers.  Results during the meeting can be found on here and live timing is here: during Sunday's event.

[12 September 2014: Test Day arrangements for next meeting 20 September]

Please note the test day on Saturday will be just as normal starting at 9.40am and finishing at 5pm, guest drivers welcome as usual.  Then from 5 - 6pm there will be heats for Little Green Man IAME Cadet and X30 Junior and Senior 'Tour'.  All welcome in these X30 support races, guests welcome.  Only Little Green Man IAME Cadet and X30 are permitted to pit in the 'Grandstand' field that weekend, no others please.   Don't forget to put your entries in asap.  All other drivers will have a normal Sunday's racing.

[11 September 2014: TKM InterClub championship points updated]

Midlands Round 3 - Some ultra-close racing at Rissington and results which leave all three classes with everything to race for in the fast approaching final event at Whilton Mill.

In Juniors it needed two grids to cope with the numbers and the racing was ultra competitive, with the first three separated by less than a second as they took the flag. Lewis Griffiths took the honours, though even with dropped scores he won’t be able to take the championship.

The top five are separated by just five points with Matthew Taylor at the top of the list and everything to play for between them. Though Chris Whitton in 4th place may have a problem because he broke his arm in the final when hit by another driver. Best wishes to him.

In Extreme all the front runners were in the race top 10 and just seven points separate the top five drivers headed by Matthew Allnut, who won at Rissi just ahead of Josh Waring.

In Clubman Daniel Mense holds on to his championship lead despite only finishing seventh. Here the top five are separated by just three points and it will undoubtedly go down to the wire in the very last final.

Full points tables attached are here: TKM Extreme, TKM Clubman, Junior TKM

So with two finals to score in the last round at Whilton Mill on September 28 there is going to be some great racing for the top places. 

Remember this is two rounds within one meeting with testing on Friday and Saturday if you need it.

[12 August 2014: Entry List for Sunday 17 August published]

The entry list for Sunday 17 August 2014 is now published on this website - go to Entries on the bottom left menu on the site.  Please note that entries are now full for the meeting and no more late entries can be accepted.

Welcome to the Max 177 competitors joining us as guests for this meeting and to all Super One competitors coming - we appreciate your support


[30 July 2014: Max 177 Drivers are welcomed at the August Shenington club race, 15 - 17 August]

Shenington KRC is pleased to offer a special welcome to Max 177 drivers at their August meeting.  Please download an entry form from the Forms page on this site and note there is also Friday practice as well as Saturday. 


[29 July 2014: TKM issue BT82 Technical Advice on pistons ]

Within the past few days we have become aware of one or two engine builders making illegal modifications to the TKM BT82 engine used in the Formula TKM classes.

These illegal practices involve modifications to the piston crown and the piston skirt length to gain advantage on inlet and exhaust port openings. We have in our possession pistons which have been deliberately modified even to the extent of the piston size being re-stamped on the crown.

We stress this is very isolated but naturally we are making moves to stamp it out immediately and will not hesitate to take appropriate action against any person and business found to be responsible. We will also publicly name and shame those involved.

The class regulations and fiche make it very clear that the piston must be neither modified or machined. There is no grey area here and no excuse for doing anything to a piston other than removing carbon without damaging or modifying the surface. What has been done to these pistons is simply cheating.

With immediate effect we are issuing a new drawing (attached with this letter) which set out very clearly the way to identify the cheat pistons. And we will be asking Scrutineer’s at all TKM events throughout the country to carry out careful checks on pistons so we can ensure a rapid closure to the potential problem.

Aside from the drawings the simple checks are as follows:

  • Remove the four nuts and two cap head bolts holding on the cylinder head which should then be removed.
  • Next lift off the cylinder barrel carefully holding the con-rod and piston steady to avoid damage to the piston assembly.
  • With the piston now fully exposed wipe the top of the piston with a rag to remove any oil mixture.
  • First look at the top surface (piston crown) of the piston close to the edge next to the top ring. It should go from a shallow approx. 10 degree angle into a small 45 degree bevel on the edge. If it is square edged then the crown has been machined making it illegal.
  • Place a straight edge on the piston crown from the centre of crown to the top piston ring edge. If the top of the piston ring is level, closer than standard or above the straight edge then piston has been machined and is illegal. 
  • Check the thickness of the top piston ring. It should be 2mm on 100cc Junior and 2.2mm on the bigger 115cc Extreme pistons. If it is thinner, then it has been modified and is illegal.
  • As a final test if you have a new piston then simply insert a gudgeon between the two and place on a flat surface. Both pistons should have the same dimension at top and bottom – though bear in mind the carbon on the top of the piston might make it seem slightly higher. This test will also indicate if the skirt of the piston has been shortened.

By carrying out those simple tests you can quickly identify an illegal piston. All of the checks should be carried out and any one failure means the piston is illegal. To carry out a full dimension check the new drawings are attached.

We remind competitors (and their parents) that technically they are responsible for the equipment they are racing and we don’t want anyone to get caught with an engine they did not realise had been illegally modified.

So with that in mind after carrying out the simple tests above, if you are in any doubt then we at Tal-Ko will give you our verdict. We see thousands of pistons. They all look the same. We can clearly spot an illegal one very quickly.

We can offer this inspection at our factory or will do so at the Maxxis TKM Festival at Kimbolton where we will have further equipment on hand to carry out tests. The same at the next round of S1 at Rissington.

Says TKM boss Alan Turney: ”We are determined to nip this one in the bud and we know of only a very few offenders. We have a zero tolerance attitude to cheating for the good of everyone in the sport and the TKM classes.”

[17 July 2014: SuperPrix / Historic Revival DVD's now available for purchase]

DVD's of the 2014 Spellfame Shenington SuperPrix are now available for purchase at £5 either at the track or by posting a cheque made out to SKRC Ltd to Stonycroft, Godsons Lane, Napton, Southam, Warks CV47 8LX.  Please remember to include your name and address.  This is a great permanent memento of the very successful SuperPrix race meeting.

[16 July 2014: Tony Wilkins Funeral Arrangements]
Please note that Tony Wilkins' funeral will be at the Natural Burial Ground at Tysoe (near Shenington) at 1130 on Friday 25th July, all welcome.  Thereafter the gathering will retire to the Shenington circuit for refreshments and a remininsce of Tony's life.  He started racing at Shenington in the early 60's and was possibly the driver who raced for the longest period at the track as he was still racing his 210 National karts well into the 2000's.  The SKRC committee extend their sympathies to his wife Sue and to Sarah and Nigel.  Tony was an ex Chairman of the club and an Honorary Member.


[14 July 2014: Welcome to the TKM InterClub Series competitors for the July meeting]
A big welcome to the TKM drivers visiting Shenington for the July meeting, please note signing on starts 0745 on Sunday and available on Saturday late afternoon as well.  The entry lists are now posted here  - find the Entries link bottom left on the menu at the foot of most of the pages.  Please remember our do's and don'ts, don't come through Shenington village unless you are using their facilities, and remember the Police may be out and about with speed checks in the nearby villages.  Don't start engines in the Pits except in the designated place and only during hours of practice or racing.  There should be plenty room in the field behind the Grandstand but please don't park in numbered pit spaces unless you have booked a space with Tom Whitehouse.  We shall be having a minute's silence in memory of Tony Wilkins, one of our longest standing members, he will be missed. 



[10 July 2014: All Future Club Race Meetings timetable]
All competitors please note that in future, starting with the July 2014 meeting, that signing-on will start at 7.45 a.m. and Drivers Briefing will be at 9 a.m.



[10 July 2014: All TKM Clubman Competitors please note revised regulation for July meeting]

Please note that due to the guest TKM InterClub Championship we will allow TKM Clubman drivers the choice of testing all day Saturday so long as they pay the standard test and race entry fee.  They still have the option of the reduced rate for testing on Saturdy afternoon only.  Shenington KRC extends a big welcome to all the TKM InterClub Series competitors for the July meeting.







[8 July 2014: Spellfame SuperPrix in Vroom Magazine]

New issue of Vroom is just out, see the preview right here 
It has the Shenington SuperPrix and Historic Revival reports and photos.

[8 July 2014: Spellfame SuperPrix video]

The video of the Shenington SuperPrix is now available on Youtube here
njoy!  And thanks again to all the sponsors.

For those that saw some judder on the first version of the programme on MotorsTV on Monday 7 July, please note this has hopefully been sorted for the repeats available this week.

 [23 June 2014: Shenington 24 hours Pedal Car Race]

This weekend 28/29 June the kart circuit will host the 3DDC Shenington 24 hour Pedal Car Championship.  It starts at 1200 on Saturday and runs through the night to 1200 on Sunday.  Have a look on the webcam or call in to see the team of athletes and their amazing machines.  Live timing and all information is here  Image courtesy from that website of the 2013 winners.







[10 June 2014: Spellfame SuperPrix update]
Please note that regrettably the KZ UK club race has had to be cancelled due to a lack of sufficient entries so the 210 National O Plate final will be filmed for Motors TV instead.  The MiniMax and Senior Max finals will be televised along with the 250's, the Historics and the TKM O Plates and Clubman class. Also note that there will be a large TV screen in the bar area on Saturday evening for those that like to watch the Football World Cup.  Entry lists coming soon.

[4 June 2014: Spellfame SuperPrix Entries, be quick]

Stop Press 6 June - Historic Revival Programme now on the 'Entries' page, all other entries Tuesday prior to the meeting

Please get your entries on as soon as possible for the Shenington Spellfame SuperPrix (all the usual classes counting for the club championship except 250 National which has the Super 4 round instead), including the ABkC TKM O Plate for Junior and Extreme, and 250 National Super 4 round on 14/15 June. There are separate entry forms for the club classes, the TKM O Plate classes and the 250 National class.  TKM can enter both the O Plate and the club class but will need separate slicks and wheels and enter on separate entry forms.  All the entry forms including the Tyre and Fuel order forms for the ABkC TKM O Plate classes are on .  Friday practice on 13 June is open to all (no Bambino) but Saturday is only open to those who have entered as there will be a heat in the late afternoon.  Remember the biggest two Rotax classes will be televised on Motors TV on 7 July along with the O Plate classes, the KZ UK and 250 National, and TKM Clubman.  Pig-roast and salad on Saturday evening along with the disco and a live band, bar on Friday and Saturday evening, lots of entertainment and historic and Legend kart demonstrations every day.  All entrants will receive a commemorative cap and a ticket for the barbeque (more may be purchased).

[4 June 2014: Shenington invites all from yesteryear]

Historic Kart Club Members 2013Attention all drivers, mechanics and spectators that have ever raced or enjoyed Shenington kart racing from the early days to present day.  The club is holding its annual SuperPrix and Historic Kart Revival on 13-15 June with Historic Kart demonstrations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday along with the ABkC National Championships for TKM and 250 National.  The meeting will be televised for Motors TV on 7 July.  There will be a large marquee for the static displays of the historic karts, many of the drivers and owners who have lovingly restored these classics used to race at Shenington from the early days in the sixties and around a hundred karts are expected. There will be a bar on Friday and Saturday evening, and a pig roast and bountiful salad on Saturday evening along with a disco and a live band.  It really is an event not to be missed. Admission is free on Friday and Saturday and £5 per car on Sunday.





[6th May 2014 - Update 31 May]
Bambino Jacob BurgessMay club meeting Round 5 results and pix of the Bambino guests are now on the website, click on Results and then May 18.  A welcome was given to the Bambino Club who joined us this weekend.  Remember that we do not restrict those coming to practice on Saturday, we start at about 0930 on track.  Next meeting 13-15 June, open practice for all on Friday, practice and a heat on Saturday only for those entered.  Entry forms on the Forms page (link bottom left on page), Entries when available.  Its' our big SuperPrix and Historic Revival meeting, fun for all, televised for the first time.




[25th April 2014]
Shenington SuperPrix, ABkC TKM O Plate & Historic Revival to be televised
This year’s Spellfame Shenington SuperPrix and Historic Revival on 14/15th June will be televised on MotorsTV, airing on 7th July at 6.55 pm.  The club has taken the big decision to commit to the large costs of hiring the Super One TV Production company and has been rewarded by many sponsors coming on board to assist.

 The one hour programme will be split into four segments covering the following classes.

·         Segment 1 – The club history supported by historic and classic kart on-track demonstrations.  View how the historic movement started at Shenington’s 40th anniversary in 2000, see the static displays in the marquees. Sponsored by the club, the British Historic Kart Club and the Legends.Trophies at the 2013 SuperPrix

·         Segment 2 - TKM - Highlights of the finals for TKM Extreme O Plate, Junior TKM O Plate and TKM Clubman club race. Sponsored by Tal-Ko for the O Plates and Grand Prix Models for the Clubman class.  Grand Prix Models are also awarding Spellfame vouchers for the top three in the Clubman class and sponsoring the perpetual trophy.

·         Segment 3- Gearbox highlights of the Super 4 250 National and the KZ UK Club race. Sponsors Jade Karts for 250 National, and for KZ UK - MK Racing and AF Racing.

·         Segment 4 - Rotax - highlights of the biggest two Rotax races. Sponsored by JAG, the Rotax distributors.

DVD’s will also be available to purchase.  Competitors should visit the Forms page (menu bottom left) to download the entry forms and regulations for the event.  Optional Friday practice is available, the entry fee covers Saturday practice.  There will be a heat on Saturday afternoon followed by the remainder of heats and the finals on Sunday.  Historic kart demonstrations will take place twice a day, there will be a bar on Friday and Saturday evening, and a pig roast and salad on Saturday evening along with a music disco.  All competitors will receive a free hat and a ticket for the barbeque and club class winners will be loaned the special Superprix perpetual trophies for a year.  The two O Plate winners will be loaned the ABkC Trophies and have use of the exclusive O Plate for their number until the 2015 championship meeting.  The Rotax classes to be televised will be chosen on the basis of the two largest classes, so don’t delay, this is a rare chance for a televised club race.  Shenington Kart Racing Club would like to thank the many sponsors who are assisting and Spellfame Karting for their support.

TKM Midlands Inter-Club Championship 2014: Logo TKMClubChamps

TKM Midlands Inter Club Championship:  Rounds will be at Kimbolton (11 May), Shenington (20 July), Rissington (6/7 September) and Whilton Mill double header on 28 September. Final instructions are here regarding mandatory stickers and regulations here.  The Regulations are here. Current Championship points are here for Junior TKM, TKM Extreme, TKM Clubman


[24th April 2014]

Easykart drivers joined us on 10/11 May for the Easykart meeting. Here is a brief race report of the meeting: Novice driver Tyrone Stansfield showed a clean pair of heels to the Cadet regulars with a dominant drive.  Runner-up Scott Huntley, also a novice, became embroiled in a battle with Harry Barlow – who had been pipped for the pre-final win – Morgan Wroot and Georgie Anker. Last year’s winner Charlotte Fox fell back from third to sixth. Carl Churchill and Joe Paterson traded the Masters lead for the first few laps until Churchill made a break when Neil Fisher arrowed into second. A massive battle ensued, Fisher usurped by Chris Bone, who in turn was put back by Moritz Mello only for the latter to retire on the last lap. Jack Golding took pole for the Senior Lights final after Brandon Williams was penalised five places for elbowing Sam Massey out of the pre-final lead. Massey stormed to the front displacing Golding then succumbed to Williams with Golding following.  A move up the inside at the Wilkins hairpin saw Golding back in the lead with a safety cushion, Massey second ahead of a disgruntled Williams. Throwing off a challenge by Sam Faulkner in the Juniors, James White continued his winning domination in a strung out final with Jordan Sanders a distant third. 


[23rd April 2014]
Please all members note the Annual General Meeting was held at the circuit at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6th May.  The committee were re-elected with the exception of Stuart Ziemelis who resigned due to work committments. 


[10th April 2014]
Please do not drive through Shenington village to and from the circuit.  Only go to the village if you are using the facilities there.  Thank you.  Please note that the Shenington village parish council in conjunction with the Police are carrying out speed checks in the village and on a recent karting weekend 44 out of 66 vehicles checked were speeding.  You have been warned, do not come through the village and DO NOT SPEED in any villages or towns.  Also an increase in road side litter has been noted on karting weekends, please take your litter home.


[1st January 2014]

AirAmbulanceWe are still collecting for the Oxford Air Ambulance if you can help. Please support the Air Ambulance

Please take more care exiting from the circuit, there was nearly a serious accident after the January meeting, and please DO NOT allow your supporters to park on the public road.

[January 2014]

Congratulations to all the Shenington 2013 Club Champions and Award Winners:

The 2013 Award Winners present at the Stratford Manor Hotel 4 January 2014:
Class Winners: Joe Turney (IAME Cadet), Matthew Hopcraft (Honda Cadet), Angus Fender (Comer Cadet), Matt Davies (Junior TKM), Kieran Wragg (MiniMax), Will Shaw (Junior Max), James Ogden (TKM Extreme), Colin Morris (TKM Clubman), Harrison Wignall (Rotax Max), Ross Allen (250 National)
Special Awards: Most Improved Junior TKM: Jointly to Ryan Harper-Ellam / Jack Griffiths, Most Improved Junior Max: Sam Stansbury, Most Improved MiniMax: Daniel Seager, Most Improved TKM: David Brickley, Most Promising Cadet: Matthew Hopcraft, Most Promising Junior: Alex McRoberts, Junior Clubman: Craig Gaden, Clubman: tba. Perseverance Awards: Yvonne Jones/Sue Whitehouse.  Wooden Spoon: Gordon Griffiths, Lady Driver of the Year: Jessica Brickley. Driver of the Year: Matt Davies (Other Nominations: Bobby Game, Dan Bury, James Hassall, Matthew Hopcraft)

2013AwardWinners2013Awards Driver ofthe Year MattDavies


Go Motorsport: Shenington Kart Racing Club supports the MSA Go Motorsport scheme.

[June 2013]

Spellfame Shenington SuperPrix 2013: Thanks to everyone who made the weekend such a massive success with 240 competitors.  Congratulations to Clayton Ravenscroft who won the Gil Rixon Driver of the Day trophy, and to ABkC O Plate winners Henry Easthope (KZ2 UK) and James Hassall (250 National).  Where else could you see two FIA World Champions competing, Henry one, Jake Dennis winning Rotax Max. Pictures now on the results page. For pictures of the historic and classic karts click here.

[July 2013]

Shenington stand at Silverstone Go MotorsportShenington KRC members supported the MSA Go Motorsport  open day at Silverstone on 7 July 2013.  There was a large public attendance enjoying free rides in autotest cars and many displays from clubs all over the country.  Our club promoted our Lets Go Karting scheme, starting kart racing at Shenington and all club activities.





[October 2012]

ClubofYrPresentationMSA SmlJLT/MSA  Motor Club of the Year Award: Shenington was chosen out of all 750 motor clubs to take 1st prize in the 2012 JLT/MSA Club of the Year.  The then Chairman Mike Coombs and Secretary Graham Smith attended the MSA Night of Champions at Pall Mall to receive the large rosebowl trophy and cheque. This is a tremendous achievement, earned through our members support.  See picture









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