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Results 15 September 2019

Results of Round 9 held on 15 September 2019

Provisional Championship Standings:  Honda Cadet,    IAME Cadet,    MiniX,    Junior TKM,    Junior X30,   TKM Extreme,   Senior X30F Libre/TKM Clubman

Results of the finals:  Honda Cadet  Honda Cadet B Final,   IAME Cadet,   MiniX,   Junior TKM,    Junior X30,    TKM Extreme,   Senior X30,    TKM Clubman/Formula Libre

Full results can be found on the Alpha website here

For photos of the event please visit Stu Stretton's website here: 

Race Report 15 September

The weekend weather was perfect for the 174 competitors, sunny and warm.  In MiniX Luke Watts and Gabriel Stilp traded the lead in a breakaway duo, the former prevailing for the win with Alfie Baxter-Davies third.  Local driver Alfie Briggs failed to make his usual progress and had to settle for seventh place.  A very full grid of Junior TKM was led by polesitter Harvey Cole, quickly usurped by first Alistair Cresswell, then Zak Oates and then Ben Watson.  Oates and Watson broke away with Charlie Webb in touch, finishing in that order.  Joseph Katsantonis battled past Ben Crossley, Luke Sintler and Cian Geraghty for the lead of IAME Cadet, then pulled a 1.5s advantage by the chequer flag.  In the battle Crossley went up the bank at the chicane but recovered to fifth whilst Geraghty and Sintler stayed on the podium positions.  Another big grid of Juniors in the IAME X30 had a huge lead fight between eventual winner Daniel Guinchard, leader on the road Aiden Neate, Sam Shaw and Kacper Skuza.  Neate had broken clear but was penalised back to eleventh with a front fairing penalty leaving Guinchard for the win over Shaw, the field spreading out slightly on the last lap.  Unfortunately Charlie Cole’s engine was slow to start on the dummy grid, disadvantaging most of that front side of the grid and inadvertently putting Guinchard on the front row instead of P9.  Cole and Sam Heading did really well from the back to reach fourth and sixth respectively. Honda Cadet was the biggest class needing a B Final.  Mitchell Gibbons and Rylan Echberg broke clear at the front, unchanged to the flag, whereas behind Ben Raeburn and Josh Agambar traded third, finishing in that order after Raeburn executed a fantastic move round the outside in the chicane.  Clive Carpenter quickly relieved Josh Rosier of the lead in Formula Libre to win, Rosier then slipping behind returnee Nigel Geraghty.  Louie Short grabbed the Senior X30 lead from Dan McKeown and went on to win comfortably from Jake Rubio.  McKeown and Ryan Green clashed in the chicane, the latter spinning then retiring, whilst McKeown fell to 13th. 

In an incident packed TKM Extreme final local driver James Pashley had to settle for third place despite leading for a short while.  As Joshua Sherriff took up the lead at the start from Zak Bowen and Pashley, five karts crashed at the second corner.  Sherriff was put back to third at the first hairpin then Pashley nipped past Bowen for the lead.  That barely lasted a lap before Bowen was in front once more then Sherriff recovered to lead again only to drop to third once more as Bowen had another brief turn in front.  With a slight rub, Sherriff relieved Bowen off the lead at Café corner on the last lap but a complete switch around at the last corner saw Louis Beaven come past all of them to win, Bowen, Pashley and Sherriff following.  Then in the parc ferme an altercation between the Savannah Hardy family and Jack Ransom led to them both being disqualified from the meeting.   This started with an on track incident at the chicane when they had been running sixth and seventh.